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cracked heel home remedy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on October 9, 2016

You often see cracked heels in the older crowd.

This condition usually comes about as a result of not paying enough attention to the feet overall and can turn into a real problem if an infection or bleeding comes about if the problem is not fixed.

Usually cracked heels stem from dry or callused skin that continues to deteriorate over time.

This isn’t just reserved for the elderly as individuals who are on their feet all the time without proper foot support can also suffer from cracked heels.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a deficiency that contributes to or directly causes cracked heels.

Cracked heels doesn’t necessarily cause any harm to the individual unless they are left untreated. If an infection or bleeding occur then it may be a lot more difficult to treat or get rid of cracked heels.

You may just find that these natural cures for cracked heels work well and you may not need to seek further attention.

Natural Cures for A Cracked Heel:

Glycerin and Rosewater:

One can easily find glycerin and rosewater at any natural health store and they can be quite helpful when it comes to getting rid of cracked heels.

Applying this mixture to the sight of the problem can provide relief for cracked heels and help to soften them.

Lemon Juice:

This is very simple and effective for healing a cracked heel.

Soaking feet in lemon juice for about ten minutes at least once a week will help the wound heal faster and provide some excellent relief.

Vitamin E:

It is believed that a Vitamin E deficiency can be the cause or the underlying effect for why cracked heels occur.

Therefore ensuring that an individual has proper amounts of Vitamin E can be a wonderful treatment for cracked heels.

Taking a Vitamin E supplement in addition to eating foods that are rich in Vitamin E such as green leafy vegetables and whole grains can work as a natural home remedy for cracked heels.

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Japanese quail eggs – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 10, 2016

Japanese quail eggsare a very good natural cure for treating many diseases. Quail eggs found their preventive and therapeutic use since the time of Israel, primarily in Asian countries. The therapeutic properties of quail eggs were found in France by the physician Jean-Claude Truffier in 1967.

Quail eggs are the richest in vitamins and minerals than all other birds eggs, even a few times. For example, compared to the chicken eggs, the quail eggs it is five times smaller and contains 6 times more vitamin B1, 15 times more vitamin B2, 5 times more phospores and 7.5 times more iron. Scientific research indicates that quail eggs are a very important source of vitamin D.

The Japanese quail eggs regenerate the body, stimulate growth, improve metabolism, combat stress, improve the intelligence quotient, aches hearts, obesity, asthma, various forms of allergies, hypertension, liver disease and kidney. It is an aphrodisiac, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, hypocholestéronie, antidiabetic, antihypertensive, etc… Today, quail eggs are most widely used for the treatment of bronchitis, nervous system, kidney and liver.

Also, consumption of quail eggs is a great natural cure for bronchial asthma, cough, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, eczema, ulcers, physical fatigue, stress, atherosclerosis, etc… In addition, it is recommended for diseases of the thyroid gland.

A special feature of quail eggs is that it is a good natural agent in the fight with hair loss and osteoporosis.

Japanese quail eggs are rich in antioxidants and it is one of the best known natural treatment products.

How to Drink Japanese Quail Eggs?

Japanese quail eggs drink every morning on an empty stomach. Next half an hour should not eat anything. Drink a whole eggs, full dose at once. During this therapy is not desirable to consume alcohol. Caution is recommended for people who are suffering from gall.

The first three days of treatment with quail eggs – drink 3 eggs per day, and then until the end of treatment – drink 5 eggs per day. Children need to drink smaller number of eggs, as follows: under three years of age – 2 eggs a day, under five years of age – 3 eggs a day, under ten years of age – 4 eggs a day. Depending on the type of disease, it is necessary to drink a total of 120, 240 or 1080 eggs.

Here is the list of diseases:

*120 quail eggs: stomach ulcer, ulcer in the duodenum, high blood pressure
*240 quail eggs: bronchitis, asthma, gastritis, anemia, tuberculosis, migraine, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, high cholesterol, nervousness and stress
*1080 quail eggs: brain tumor, great fatigue due to hard physical work

To make the taste more pleasant you can mix it with honey, yogurt, lemon juice, orange, apples, oranges, tomato juice…

Japanese quail eggs can be consumed as an omelet or cooked in water, but in this way we lose 2% of its value nutritious.

Note: When the eggs of quail are used as a remedy it is necessary that they are not older than 30 days. Otherwise, for regular use you can keep it in the fridge 60 days.

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Body Cleansing – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on December 11, 2016

The food that we eat and the environment which we live in can cause chemicals and toxins to build up in our body and wreak havoc.

Without us even knowing it, these toxins and other bacteria in the body can cause us to suffer from gastrointestinal distress and other health conditions.

It’s of course helpful to eat a diet that is rich in nutrients and free of too many additives and preservatives which only add to the toxin build up.

However sometimes a body cleansing is necessary and is the only way that you can get back to feeling good, healthy, and free of any symptoms.

A body cleansing isn’t hard to do, but careful consideration should be given to what you take in or how you perform it for the very best results.

If you take a look around, you can find an unlimited number of over-the-counter or even prescription medications that can help with a body cleansing.

However this isn’t always necessary as there are some rather simple and effective home remedies that one can perform.

Using items in your house or even some herbs can prove to be helpful natural cures and make you feel refreshed and healthy again.

Some home remedies for body cleansing are rather simple to help you get rid of toxins and others require a bit more effort and concentration.

Lukewarm Water:

One of the simplest and most effective home remedies for body cleansing is lukewarm water.

Some cleansing regimens require that only lukewarm water be consumed throughout the course of a given day to get the desired results.

Lukewarm water can help to get rid of sticky substances that hang on the intestines and flush out the toxins altogether.

Lukewarm water is a natural cure and can even help pH values in the system and assists with the metabolism.

This is one home remedy that is easy to perform for body cleansing that will have excellent results.


There are certain spices likely sitting in your kitchen right now that have certain digestive properties.

When you think of a body cleansing, one of the results that most people hope to achieve is help with digestion and assistance with any gastrointestinal issues.

Spices such as ginger, cinnamon, garlic, black pepper, and cloves all contain digestive enzymes.

Using these spices helps to act as a natural cure and can form the basis of a home remedy for body cleansing.

Natural Herbs:

There are herbs or supplements that can be tremendously helpful in acting as a home remedy for body cleansing.

Obtaining herbs such as mint leaves, holy basil leaves, and margosa tree leaves are natural cures for body cleansing.

Taking these leaves about once a week can make for an excellent home remedy in eliminating toxins, helping the digestive track to get back to a normal state, and even eliminate any parasites that may be in the system.

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Dermatitis home remedy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on January 8, 2017

Dermatitis is the inflammation of the skin that results in extreme itching.

Often associated with or called eczema, this skin condition can be excruciating for those who suffer from it.

Even the youngest child can develop or be prone to dermatitis and the itching and rash that is associated with it can be a lot to deal with.

There are many reasons that an individual may develop dermatitis and it can unveil itself on almost any part of the body.

No matter what area is affected by dermatitis, how severe it is, or how frequently flare-ups occur, it can be a lot to contend with for those who suffer from this skin irritation.

Certain factors such as genetics certainly play a part in the development and even severity of dermatitis.

It can develop as a rash as part of a reaction to something that irritates the skin or it can be a skin condition that an individual suffers with their whole life through.

It can be helpful to seek medical attention to get proper diagnosis and treatment of dermatitis and to be sure that it’s not something else. There are creams, lotions, and even medications that can be helpful in dealing with, calming, and helping to get rid of dermatitis.

However if you want to take a more natural path, you can find some simple modifications and natural cures can work wonders.

Natural Cures for Dermatitis:

Oatmeal Bath:

Taking an oatmeal bath can be your best bet when it comes to dermatitis.

Pouring two cups of finely ground oatmeal to lukewarm water creates a soothing bath that can help to get rid of the rash and itching often associated with dermatitis.

This is a very soothing option for all individuals with dermatitis to enjoy often.

Greasy Lotions and Creams:

Taking a bath is helpful, particularly if you are able to leave the moisture in afterwards.

Once you let the body dry a bit after a bath, using a greasy formula helps to lock in the moisture and get rid of the symptoms of dermatitis.

Lotions or creams that are really greasy and concentrated are your best bet in acting as an effective home remedy for dermatitis.

Cool Wet Dressings:

When you feel a flare-up coming on with your dermatitis, you should dress in cotton to avoid irritation.

Applying cool, wet dressings to the site of the dermatitis can act as a quick and highly effective relieving agent.

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Herbal Remedies For Pancreatitis – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 12, 2016

Pancreatitis is also known as ‘’Inflammation of the Pancreas’’. Pancreatitis is a digestive disorder. The problem of pancreatitis is caused by factors such as gallstones, excessive consumption of alcohol, high fat accumulation in the blood, viral, bacterial or fungal infection in the pancreas, medication and injury.

Symptoms of pancreatitis include severe pain or swelling in the abdominal area, nausea, fever, chills, headache, fatigue and so on. Further, pancreatitis may also result in diabetes, weight loss, anemia or jaundice. The problem of pancreatitis can be treated with various herbal remedies. Regular use of these remedies may provide effective results.

Aloe Vera

The symptoms of pancreatitis can be treated with aloe vera. Aloe vera juice (half cup) can be consumed 2 to 3 times in a day to reduce the pain and inflammation resulting from pancreatitis. A mixture of aloe vera and papaya juice can also be consumed on a regular basis to obtain better results.

Green Tea

Green tea can be used in dealing with the problem of pancreatitis. This herb is high in potent antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols can help in improving the pancreatic health. A cup of green tea can be consumed multiple times on a daily basis to cure inflammation of the pancreas. Consumption of green tea may also help in preventing pancreatic cancer.

Basil Leaves

Basil can also provide relief from the problem of pancreatitis. Basil leaves can be mixed with water to prepare herbal tea and consumed on a frequent basis to treat various symptoms associated with pancreatitis. Intake of dried basil leaf powder (half teaspoon) with a glass of water every morning (empty stomach) can help in treating the inflammation of the pancreas.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre is another herbal remedy for pancreatitis. This herb is also known as ‘’Gudmar’’. Gymnema sylvestre powder can be consumed on a regular basis to repair damaged pancreatic cells. Herbal tea prepared with the use of this herb can also be consumed to obtain the desired results. It is interesting to note that intake of this herb may help in preventing diabetes resulting from pancreatitis.

Indian Gooseberry

The problem of pancreatitis can be relieved with the use of Indian gooseberry. Indian gooseberry has antioxidant properties. This herb is also referred to as ‘’Emblica Officinalis’’. Indian gooseberry powder (3 to 6 grams) can be consumed on a daily basis to reduce the inflammation and pain resulting from pancreatitis. Consumption of Indian gooseberry juice on a regular basis may also provide effective results.


Ginger is also an effective herbal remedy for pancreatitis. Fresh ginger slices can be chewed atleast 2 times in a day to obtain relief from pancreatitis. A mixture of ginger juice and sugar can be consumed on a daily basis to reduce the inflammation of the pancreas. Another option is to consume a mixture of ginger, lemon and mint juice multiple times in a day to obtain the desired results.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can also be used in the treatment of pancreatitis. Food items consumed on a daily basis can be prepared with olive oil to deal with various symptoms associated with pancreatitis.

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Bowel Cleanse – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on January 10, 2017

The bowels are an essential organ in keeping the body moving and flowing as it should.

The bowels help to move food through the system in the way it should and help to remove waste from the body.

When the bowels aren’t functioning properly then it can cause some serious discomfort in the body and ultimately lead to some less than desirable health conditions.

When bowels aren’t working properly it can start with something as simple as constipation but can worsen and cause some awful abdominal discomfort for an individual. Add to this the fact that toxins, bacteria, and even parasites can dwell within the walls of the bowels leading to problems suffered.

Anytime a build up like this occurs within the colon or the bowels, it’s time to get your body back to a balanced and normal state.

The foods that we eat and the lifestyle that we maintain can contribute to the necessity for a bowel cleanse.

All of the additives and preservatives that we use in foods can cause the bowels to slow down and quit performing as they should.

Through time the buildup must be removed and that’s when the time is right and the exercise is quite essential for a bowel cleanse.

Performing a bowel cleanse doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated, but it should be effective.

Fortunately you can find some extremely simple measures that will act as a natural home remedy for a bowel cleanse.

Castor Oil and Milk:

The combination of castor oil and milk may not sound appealing for consumption, however it can prove to be highly effective as a natural cure for a bowel cleanse.

Mixing one teaspoon of castor oil with a cup of milk creates a very helpful home remedy for a bowel cleanse.

This combination will help the body to get rid of any toxins that have built up over time and allow the bowels to work as they are intended to.

Gooseberry Powder:

Gooseberry powder can be found at any natural health store and can be an excellent home remedy for a bowel cleanse.

Mixing this powder with lukewarm water can create a very powerful drink in helping to cleanse the bowels.

This is a simple measure that can be used as a home remedy and can have some very powerful results in keeping the bowels cleansed and running efficiently.

Warm Water:

Drinking warm water on a regular basis will act as a natural cure for a bowel cleanse.

This may sound rather simplistic in nature and while it is, it’s one of the most effective home remedies that one can find for a bowel cleanse.

Warm water helps to get rid of any of the glue-like substances that can build up in the colon and the bowels, so it flushes out all of the toxins.

Drinking warm water each and every morning on an empty stomach is a great home remedy for a bowel cleanse.

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Herbal Remedies For Scabies – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 7, 2016

Scabies is an infectious skin disease and can spread by direct contact with an already infected individual. It is caused by a very small species of mite. This problem is common throughout the world. Further, the problem of scabies can affect any age group.

Some of the common symptoms of scabies include itching (particularly at night), rashes between the fingers and pencil-mark lines on the affected area. An individual may use different herbal remedies for obtaining relief from the symptoms associated with scabies.

Tea Tree

Tea tree is also referred to as “Melaleuca Alternifolia”. Tea tree oil can be used to deal with the problem of scabies. An individual can mix tea tree oil with any vegetable oil and apply this mixture on the affected area before going to sleep to obtain effective results.

Tea tree oil should be removed immediately in case irritation is experienced by an individual after the application. It is interesting to note that this herb can also be used in the treatment of insect bites, wounds, acne and different types of skin disorders.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used throughout the world for different types of skin disorders. Aloe vera gel has wound-healing properties.

This herb can also provide relief from the symptoms associated with the problem of scabies. Aloe vera gel can be directly applied on the skin to treat the rashes and inflammation resulting from scabies.


Neem is found throughout South and Southeast Asia. This herb can be used in different forms to deal with different types of skin conditions. Neem is frequently used in the preparation of various skin related products such as soaps and skin lotions. Neem seeds contain azadirachtin. This ingredient can help in killing mites. Direct application of neem essential oil on the skin can kill or control mites. It is important to note that this herb should be used externally and not internally.

Clove Oil

Clove essential oil can also be used in the treatment of scabies. Direct application of clove oil can result in skin irritation.

Therefore, it is essential to mix clove oil with any vegetable oil before using it to treat any kind of skin infection.


Mint leaves contain menthol which can help in reducing skin irritation. An individual can take a bath with water containing mint leaves to obtain relief from itching caused by scabies. Use of this herb can also help in killing mites. Fresh or dried mint leaves can be used for obtaining the desired results.


Application of the pennyroyal tincture on the affected area can also help in treating the symptoms of scabies. Regular use of this herbal remedy can reduce the itching and kill mites.

St. John’s Wort and Evening Primrose Oil

An individual can use a combination of St. John’s wort and evening primrose oil. Tincture of both the herbs can be mixed and applied on the affected part of the body to obtain relief from the itching and discomfort caused by the problem of scabies.

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How To Relieve Wisdom Teeth Pain – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 14, 2016

Wisdom teeth are formed in humans in the later teenage stage or in the early twenties. These are the final molar sets that are considered to be valuable attribute for individuals, if properly aligned and arranged. But, in most of the cases, these teeth causes troubles for people by getting into improper alignment, which leads to removal or usage of available medications for treatment purposes.

Before reaching a physician and getting treatment, few individuals will get severe pain on the gums, making them restless. There are few tips on how to relieve wisdom teeth pain, which has helped people suffering from heavy pain at the molars.

Chewing Gum

If a person has pain at wisdom teeth, first thing he or she has to contact expert physician for getting medical measures for relieving pain. Since, this problem arises suddenly without any alert; in most cases people are unable to reach doctors due to odd timings.

In such situation, individuals can make use of chewing gum and chew for sometime near the painful region. This action will provide some relief for a few hours, before reaching the doctor for treatment.

Numbing Agent

Individuals can also make use of topical numbing agent that has been efficient in providing relief from wisdom tooth pain. There are various medical stores and supermarkets available that sells oral numbing medication for getting relief from molars pain and infection. This medication has to be used for specific time on the painful region to numb the location.

Salt Water

The frequent treatment used for relieving pain from wisdom tooth is use of saltwater. People having pain are advised to rinse teeth using warm saltwater for a few minute, which tend to give instant relief from pain.

Since, saltwater has high medicinal value; it dilutes pain caused by wisdom tooth formation without any medications.


Apart from these, people can make use of pain-relieving medications that are available widely on the medicinal market. Acetaminophen is the frequently used relievers that put a hold on pain caused because of wisdom teeth growth. But, before using this medicine, it is necessary to follow the directions and dosage level that are admissible for people of different ages.

How Physicians Work On Wisdom Teeth Pain?

Additionally, there are also other causes for pain at wisdom teeth molars, which have to be treated accordingly. Sometimes, these teeth get stuffed and surrounded by jawbones and muscles, which might cause high pain. There are possibilities of gum disease, illness and jaw stiffness because of the growth of these teeth.

So, it is advised for people to remove wisdom teeth by consulting respective medical specialists. Most doctors remove these teeth in small pieces and clear partial sections that are causing pain for an individual. These teeth have the tendency of growing again in future, which forces health care professionals to remove it completely out of the mouth.

By doing this, one can assure himself of overcoming wisdom teeth pain and complications in future. This also overcomes an individual’s difficulty in cleaning and brushing other teeth as they are interlinked with each other. Hence, to avoid all wisdom teeth calamities, follow proper first-aid measures and consult a dentist at the earliest.

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Natural Cures For Hyperhidrosis – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on January 4, 2017

Natural Cures For Hyperhidrosis An individual sweats excessively and unpredictably as a result of hyperhidrosis. It is essential to note that people suffering from this problem may sweat even when the temperature is cool. Excessive sweating can result in discomfort. There is no specific cause of this problem.

When this problem affects hands, feet, and armpits, it is known as primary or focal hyperhidrosis. Various natural remedies may be used to get relief.


Schisandra is a woody vine. It is commonly found throughout northeast China and parts of Russia and Korea. Schisandra provides quick relief from the problem of spontaneous sweating. It can also be used as a calming sedative.


Sage has astringent properties which may help in reducing excessive sweating. Application of sage tea on the skin may provide the desired results. Sage tea may not be consumed orally. Dried sage powder can be placed in the shoes to deal with the problem of sweaty feet. Another option is to mix dried sage with egg dishes, soups and pastas.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can help in keeping the skin dry because of its astringent properties. A thin layer of tea tree oil can be directly applied on the affected areas of the body. This natural remedy can also help in curing the fungal infection that may be caused by hyperhidrosis.


Burdock can be used in tincture form. It is advisable to consume this tincture (1 teaspoon) 3 times on a daily basis. Burdock helps in controlling the problem by diverting excess sweat from the body to the lymph nodes, bowels and kidneys. Therefore, it can help in decreasing the sweat produced by the sweat glands.


A tonic containing vinegar (2 teaspoons) and honey (2 teaspoons) can be taken. It is advisable to drink this tonic atleast 3 times on a daily basis. Further, the tonic should be consumed 30 minutes before or after the meal for a period of 7 days.

Apple cider or white vinegar can be directly applied to the armpits with the use of a cotton swab. This application helps in saturating sweat pores and keeping them dry and free from sweat.


It is interesting to note that eating foods rich in zinc can also help in reducing hyperhidrosis. Intake of food items such as turkey, whole grains and nuts can prevent the production of sweat. Zinc can also help in reducing body odour. However, items such as fish and garlic should be completely avoided. It is important to note that garlic stimulates the production of sweat by warming up the body.


Tomato or grape juice can be consumed to maintain body’s temperature. Intake of these juices may prevent the body from overheating and thereby help in reducing the problem of hyperhidrosis. To obtain quick results, it is important to drink a full glass of either juice on a daily basis.


Another effective natural remedy is buttermilk. Drinking cold buttermilk multiple times on a daily basis can help in cooling the body and controlling the sweat.

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Natural Cure For Excessive Sweating – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on September 6, 2016

It is normal to sweat during warm weather conditions or during physical activities. The natural temperature regulation mechanism of the body produces sweat that escapes to the surface of the skin to keep the body cool, thereby maintaining the normal body temperature.

You may even perspire when you are tensed or nervous. However, some people are susceptible to excessive sweating even when the aforementioned conditions that trigger sweating are absent. This condition, known as hyperhidrosis, usually affects the armpits, hands and feet.

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a bothersome condition. The sweaty palms and the foul underarm odor can be quite embarrassing during social interactions. Moreover, the slippery palms also interfere with daily activities.

Hyperhidrosis occurs when the nerves that regulate the sweat glands become overactive. Some people have a genetic predisposition to excessive sweating. In some cases, an underlying health disorder may induce secondary hyperhidrosis. With appropriate lifestyle changes and home remedies, excessive sweating can be kept under control naturally.

Tips to Cure Excessive Sweating Naturally

Drink Enough Water

Excessive sweating can be alleviated by keeping the body cool. Water is essential for maintaining the normal internal temperature of the body. Moreover, excessive sweating can make you dehydrated. The risk of dehydration is greater when hyperhidrosis affects the entire body. If you are susceptible to excessive sweating, remember to drink around eight glasses of water daily.

Drink Sage Tea

Sage (Salvia officinalis) is an effective natural remedy for excessive sweating. Studies have shown that fresh sage is more effective than the dried herb in reducing perspiration.

The antiperspirant effect of sage is primarily attributed to ethereal oil present in the herb. It works by regulating the overactive nerves that induce sweating. In addition to drinking sage tea, taking a footbath with a few drops of sage tincture added to the footbath water can reduce sweat secretion.

Increase Calcium Intake

Increasing consumption of calcium rich foods can benefit people suffering from excessive sweating. Calcium works by regulating the activity of the autonomic nervous system that stimulate the sweat glands. The hyperactivity of the nerves that trigger excess sweat production can be reduced by adding milk, dairy, leafy green vegetables, beans and orange juice to the daily diet.

Eat Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits contain sufficient water to keep the body cool. Focus primarily on water rich fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, muskmelon and papaya.

Besides hydrating the body, they are rich sources of calcium and magnesium, minerals that help to keep hyperhidrosis under control.

Dietary Changes

Modifications in the diet can decrease excessive sweat secretion. Foods that are easily digested produce less heat during the metabolism process, thereby keeping the internal temperature of the body under control. The B vitamins support the metabolism process of the body.

The metabolism process of the body functions effectively when sufficient B vitamins are present in the diet. To prevent excessive sweating avoid hot and spicy foods that trigger thermogenesis. Foods containing sulfur compounds such as onions and garlic trigger sweat production. Other foods that can increase sweating by boosting the metabolism rate of the body include caffeine and alcohol.

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Natural Cure For Excessive Sweating, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating