Herbal Remedies For Scabies – Healthy Remedies

Scabies is an infectious skin disease and can spread by direct contact with an already infected individual. It is caused by a very small species of mite. This problem is common throughout the world. Further, the problem of scabies can affect any age group.

Some of the common symptoms of scabies include itching (particularly at night), rashes between the fingers and pencil-mark lines on the affected area. An individual may use different herbal remedies for obtaining relief from the symptoms associated with scabies.

Tea Tree

Tea tree is also referred to as “Melaleuca Alternifolia”. Tea tree oil can be used to deal with the problem of scabies. An individual can mix tea tree oil with any vegetable oil and apply this mixture on the affected area before going to sleep to obtain effective results.

Tea tree oil should be removed immediately in case irritation is experienced by an individual after the application. It is interesting to note that this herb can also be used in the treatment of insect bites, wounds, acne and different types of skin disorders.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used throughout the world for different types of skin disorders. Aloe vera gel has wound-healing properties.

This herb can also provide relief from the symptoms associated with the problem of scabies. Aloe vera gel can be directly applied on the skin to treat the rashes and inflammation resulting from scabies.


Neem is found throughout South and Southeast Asia. This herb can be used in different forms to deal with different types of skin conditions. Neem is frequently used in the preparation of various skin related products such as soaps and skin lotions. Neem seeds contain azadirachtin. This ingredient can help in killing mites. Direct application of neem essential oil on the skin can kill or control mites. It is important to note that this herb should be used externally and not internally.

Clove Oil

Clove essential oil can also be used in the treatment of scabies. Direct application of clove oil can result in skin irritation.

Therefore, it is essential to mix clove oil with any vegetable oil before using it to treat any kind of skin infection.


Mint leaves contain menthol which can help in reducing skin irritation. An individual can take a bath with water containing mint leaves to obtain relief from itching caused by scabies. Use of this herb can also help in killing mites. Fresh or dried mint leaves can be used for obtaining the desired results.


Application of the pennyroyal tincture on the affected area can also help in treating the symptoms of scabies. Regular use of this herbal remedy can reduce the itching and kill mites.

St. John’s Wort and Evening Primrose Oil

An individual can use a combination of St. John’s wort and evening primrose oil. Tincture of both the herbs can be mixed and applied on the affected part of the body to obtain relief from the itching and discomfort caused by the problem of scabies.