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How To Relieve Wisdom Teeth Pain – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 14, 2016

Wisdom teeth are formed in humans in the later teenage stage or in the early twenties. These are the final molar sets that are considered to be valuable attribute for individuals, if properly aligned and arranged. But, in most of the cases, these teeth causes troubles for people by getting into improper alignment, which leads to removal or usage of available medications for treatment purposes.

Before reaching a physician and getting treatment, few individuals will get severe pain on the gums, making them restless. There are few tips on how to relieve wisdom teeth pain, which has helped people suffering from heavy pain at the molars.

Chewing Gum

If a person has pain at wisdom teeth, first thing he or she has to contact expert physician for getting medical measures for relieving pain. Since, this problem arises suddenly without any alert; in most cases people are unable to reach doctors due to odd timings.

In such situation, individuals can make use of chewing gum and chew for sometime near the painful region. This action will provide some relief for a few hours, before reaching the doctor for treatment.

Numbing Agent

Individuals can also make use of topical numbing agent that has been efficient in providing relief from wisdom tooth pain. There are various medical stores and supermarkets available that sells oral numbing medication for getting relief from molars pain and infection. This medication has to be used for specific time on the painful region to numb the location.

Salt Water

The frequent treatment used for relieving pain from wisdom tooth is use of saltwater. People having pain are advised to rinse teeth using warm saltwater for a few minute, which tend to give instant relief from pain.

Since, saltwater has high medicinal value; it dilutes pain caused by wisdom tooth formation without any medications.


Apart from these, people can make use of pain-relieving medications that are available widely on the medicinal market. Acetaminophen is the frequently used relievers that put a hold on pain caused because of wisdom teeth growth. But, before using this medicine, it is necessary to follow the directions and dosage level that are admissible for people of different ages.

How Physicians Work On Wisdom Teeth Pain?

Additionally, there are also other causes for pain at wisdom teeth molars, which have to be treated accordingly. Sometimes, these teeth get stuffed and surrounded by jawbones and muscles, which might cause high pain. There are possibilities of gum disease, illness and jaw stiffness because of the growth of these teeth.

So, it is advised for people to remove wisdom teeth by consulting respective medical specialists. Most doctors remove these teeth in small pieces and clear partial sections that are causing pain for an individual. These teeth have the tendency of growing again in future, which forces health care professionals to remove it completely out of the mouth.

By doing this, one can assure himself of overcoming wisdom teeth pain and complications in future. This also overcomes an individual’s difficulty in cleaning and brushing other teeth as they are interlinked with each other. Hence, to avoid all wisdom teeth calamities, follow proper first-aid measures and consult a dentist at the earliest.

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