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White Tea – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on February 2, 2014

Also known as: White tea is a delicately flavored tea recently enjoying a huge upswing in popularity.

The tea leaves have fine white hairs on them, hence the name.

You might find white tea referred to as: ◦Camellia sinensis tea ◦Golden moon tea ◦White cloud tea

◦Silver needle tea

What is White Tea? White tea comes from the plant “Camellia sinensis” and, when picked has tiny hairs on each leaf which are white in color.

This tea is a bit scarcer than other teas and as a result costs a bit more. However, fans of the light, smooth flavor are more than willing to pay a few pennies more for the delicious tea.

It comes to us primarily from China, Japan and India.

Home Remedies using White Tea:

White tea has become popular because of the health benefits enjoyed by those who drink this fresh healthy tea.

These benefits include: ◦Delicious way to consume anti-oxidants for cancer fighting

◦Anti-aging effects of anti-oxidants

White tea is consumed for pleasure but also because the consumption of anti-oxidants has been proven to reduce the effects of aging and the risk of many types of cancer.

It is also the tea of choice for caffeine-sensitive tea drinkers because it has only 15 mg of caffeine per cup as opposed to 20 to 40 mg in many of the darker, richer teas.

White tea is an especially delicate type of tea.

It can be purchased in bulk for use in a tea ball or purchased in tea bags for convenience.

It should be steeped in water that is just below the boiling point to preserve the delicate flavor.

Side Effects of White Tea:

If large quantities of white tea are consumed during the day or especially in the late evening before bedtime, it has the potential to cause sleeplessness in those who are sensitive to caffeine.

While white tea is significantly lower in caffeine than many other teas, it still contains caffeine, which is a stimulant.

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