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Added/Modified on January 3, 2017

Though many people may not know Cystitis by name, they do know what a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is.

This is a very common condition that can cause painful urination amongst other symptoms, particularly in women.

There are a variety of ways that one can get Cystitis but it shows up most often in sexually active women. People suffering from Cystitis or a UTI feel an almost constant urge or need to urinate.

They feel as though they can’t ever complete urination and there is a great deal of pain associated with the process. The urine may become stringy and thick in extreme cases and usually has an unpleasant odor associated with it.

In some cases there can even be pain in the lower abdomen associated with Cystitis and even a fever.

There are many different factors that can cause Cystitis in an individual. Everything ranging from a simple irritation and infection of the bladder or urethra to kidney stones can cause or contribute to the development of Cystitis.

Whatever the cause, people usually seek medical attention to receive a proper diagnosis. It’s important to understand if you do in fact have Cystitis you get proper treatment.

There are some medications that can be quite helpful in getting rid of Cystitis, but it can be helpful to know that there are also some great natural cures.

Understanding your options for home remedies for Cystitis can be a life saver if you ever suffer from one.

Natural Cures for Cystitis (UTI):


Yet again we see lemon show up as a helpful natural cure and this time as one to really help calm and get rid of the symptoms of Cystitis.

Taking a teaspoon of lemon juice and putting it into a cup of boiling water creates an excellent home remedy for Cystitis.

Once cooled, this mixture should be consumed every two hours each day until the symptoms are gone.

Spinach Water and Coconut Water:

Taking some fresh spinach juice and mixing it with some fresh coconut water makes for one powerful home remedy for Cystitis.

This combination acts as a natural diuretic for the system and also adds in generous amounts of nitrates and potassium, all adding up to an excellent natural cure for Cystitis and its’ symptoms.

Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber juice forms the basis of a very natural and effective diuretic and home remedy for Cystitis.

It can be even more helpful to mix cucumber juice with honey and lime juice to make an excellent home remedy that can be consumed up to three times a day until the condition is gone.

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