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Chinese Tea – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on January 28, 2014

Tea name: Chinese Tea.

Also known as: Chinese tea is not an actual type of tea leaf but is really a generic name for tea which is served in the Chinese traditional tea ceremony or in Chinese restaurants.

The tea leaves can actually be: ◦Green tea ◦Wulong tea ◦White tea ◦Yellow tea ◦Red tea

◦Black tea

What is Chinese Tea? Chinese tea is most commonly green tea or wulong tea, but any of the other teas can be served as Chinese tea.

The tea most commonly used in Oriental restaurants is either green or Wulong tea because these each have a sweet, smooth flavor loved by the Western population.

Benefits and Uses of Chinese Tea:

The benefits of Chinese tea depend entirely on which type of tea leaves comprise the tea.

To learn the potential health and wellness benefits provided by the Chinese tea you prefer, simply read the label and learn the type of leaves used for that package of tea and review the benefits directly associated with that type of tea.

The health benefits can be quite different and you may want to choose your Chinese tea based on the benefits you desire.

For example, Wulong tea is known for aiding in weight loss while green tea is higher in anti-oxidants and helps prevent aging and cancer.

Chinese tea can be used as a beverage to enjoy without regard to the possible benefits you may experience.

Each day, millions of people dine in Chinese restaurants and drink of the teas listed above as a compliment to a Chinese meal.

Chinese tea is often available in loose, bulk form to be placed in an oriental tea pot and steeped without enclosing the tea in a tea ball or cheesecloth square.

This is the way Chinese drink their tea. Many Westerners, however, prefer to use the tea ball or cheesecloth or purchase tea bags for brewing ease.

Side Effects of Chinese Tea:

Chinese tea may cause sleeplessness, but usually this occurs only when exceptionally large quantities are taken or when the tea is consumed near bedtime.

If the tea you chose contains black tea, the caffeine content is quite high and there is more risk of sleeplessness in people sensitive to caffeine.

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