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Golden Seal Tea – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on January 31, 2014

Tea name: Golden seal Tea

Also known as: Hydrastitis canadenisis, orange root, yellow puccoon, ground raspberry, Indian dye, yellow root and eye balm

This tea is made from the golden seal woodland plant. Native to United States and Canada the flower of this herb resembles a buttercup.

This medicinal herb is hard to find growing wild. It is now cultivated due to over harvesting and is considered to be endangered.

It produces a rasp-berry like fruit that has seeds. Its name refers to the color of its root which is knotted and sometimes bright yellow. The leaves are green and hairy and contain medicinal qualities.

The dried leaves and the roots are used to make tea. It can also be found in other forms like capsules, tinctures and the powdered root itself. There are tea bags that are already prepared or the roots them selves can be used to make tea.

Health Benefits of Golden Seal Tea:

Native Americans used golden seal for its medicinal aspects and also as a yellow dye. Historically it was used as an eye wash, cancer treatment and for wounds and venereal diseases. The plant was then used by the settlers, its uses were recorded, and further studies were done.

Golden seal has the ability to increase the mucus flow and enhance the immune system. It helps with appetite and increases bile flow to promote better digestive health when it comes to peptic ulcers, diarrhea and gastritis.

When taken internally as a tea it can help with wound healing by reducing the infection. As an anti-inflammatory it can reduce cold and flu symptoms.

The tea can be used as a gargle and can help with sore throat, canker sores and mouth ulcers. It has been used in the past for gum infections and gingivitis.

Golden seal contains Berberine which helps the cardiovascular system. Berberine is an antibiotic and antiseptic that gives this herb the power to fight off flu’s and colds, and also bacterias that cause strep throat and nose infections.

It is a valuable asset for women’s health issues. As it can contract the uterine it has been used as an aide for childbirth under the direction of trained herbalists. It contains hydrastine which is an alkaloid. This element in golden seal is what causes uterine contractions and stops the flow of blood hemorrhaging. It can regulate menstrual flow and help with vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Golden seal can work well with other herbs and is considered something that boosts and facilitates their applications. Sometimes it is seen mixed in teas with echinacea for flu’s,colds and to boost the immune system. It is also an ingredient in tea mixtures for body detoxification.

Side Effect of Golden Seal Tea:

Thought to be safe for adults for short term use. Children and infants should not use golden seal.

Avoid use if pregnant or breast feeding as it can stimulate the uterus.

May interact with other medications and affect negatively those with already pre- existing conditions.

Golden seal can affect blood pressure. Please consult with a doctor before usage.

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