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Added/Modified on March 18, 2014

Bruises can appear on the skin after a simple bump or a more serious injury.

Everybody has had a bruise at one time or another and though they don’t necessarily present any real health problems, they can be unsightly.

A bruise is caused by an injury that does not break the skin but does break the blood vessels beneath the skin. This injury and blood vessel rupture causes some pain and the usual black and blue pattern that we are all quite familiar with.

There are some bruises that are more serious than others, but in the end most of us want to get rid of bruises as soon as we can.

The reality is that they are often in places that are quite visible such as the arms or legs and therefore they can draw unwanted attention to that part of the body.

Usually medical attention is not necessary for the treatment of bruises. If one tends to bruise easily or frequently it can often be a sign of a deficiency such as Vitamin C, but that’s a rather unusual occurrence.

Most of the time bruises will go away on their own, but sometimes it’s highly desired to find some natural cures as a treatment.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of wanting to get rid of the bruise and the black and blue mark it creates, so it’s good to know that there are some excellent home remedies for bruises.

Vitamin C:

Whether you think you have a Vitamin C deficiency or not, getting proper levels of this can be extremely helpful in the prevention of bruises.

Taking a Vitamin C supplement on a daily basis can be a natural cure for bruises.

Vitamin C strengthens the walls of the blood vessels thus helping to act as a home remedy in the prevention of bruises.

Cigarette smoking and alcohol also depletes Vitamin C levels, so smokers and/or drinkers should ensure an adequate intake of this important nutrient.

Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper has some excellent healing powers and that’s why we see it as the basis of a home remedy for bruises.

Using one part cayenne pepper and mixing it in with five parts of melted vaseline gel can be a wonderful natural cure for bruises.

Once cooled, this mixture should be applied to the site of the bruise and it will act as a natural cure in speeding up the healing that caused the mark on the skin.


Taking an alfalfa supplement that is rich in Vitamin K can be yet another excellent home remedy for bruising.

Alfalfa can help in creating natural blood clotting and thus help to act in the prevention of bruises, making it a highly desirable natural cure.

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