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Passion Flower Tea – Healthy Remedies


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Also Known as: Passiflora incarnata maypop, purple passionflower, true passionflower, wild apricot, and wild passion vine

Native to the south Eastern states of America and found in Peru this fast growing, climbing vine produces a bluish flower and has berries.

It can grow like a common wildflower finding itself in thickets, road sides and in areas with lots of sunlight. The whole plant can be used for medicinal purposes, the fruit can be eaten and has been used as jams and jellies.

It can be found in extracts, tinctures, capsules, tablets and teas.

Passion Flower Tea Preparation

Use 1 tsp of raw plant material per cup in boiling water. Let steep ten minutes and add your favorite sweetener or drink plain. You can also buy the tea in bags

Home Remedies Using Passion Flower Tea

With this natural sedative you can use 3 to 4 cups of tea a day for anxiety. For insomnia take one cup an hour before going to bed.

Benefits of Passion Flower Tea

The ancient Aztecs used this herb for pain and as a sedative. The name has roots in folklore and its flower is thought to look like or be in reference to the crown of thorns or the passion of Christ.

It was used in the past for seizures and hysteria, insomnia and anxiety. It was a favorite for use in Europe and has been considered as something safe to take by the European Medicines Agency. Today it is used for those same reasons and can also help with:

Drug withdrawal Gas High blood pressure Asthma ADHD


Because it is considered to be non-addictive it can be viewed as a safer and milder version of what a prescribed medication can accomplish in terms of relaxation and even for pain. It may be used as a nerve tonic and as a possible replacement to Xanax which is a medicine used for anxiety.

Because it is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and an antioxidant it has sometimes been recommended by herbalists to treat bacterial infections. It may also be used topically for skin lesions, wounds and other kinds of infections.

The tea has the ability to increase levels of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter, which in turn relaxes the body. It can be combined with other stronger herbs like valerian and also used alone as a lighter version to attain relaxation.

It contains chrysin which is a flavone that may raise testosterone levels although there are no hard facts that support this.

It may also be a mild aphrodisiac and has been used as this in the past but there is no real scientific proof for this kind of usage for the tea.

Side Effect of Passion Flower Tea

Please consult with a doctor regarding taking this with other drugs.

May interact with other medications by making sedative effects stronger and side effects stronger.

Do not take two weeks before surgery or after as it may affect the central nervous system and any medications including anesthesia.

Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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