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Keishi Bukuryo Gan Tea – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 29, 2013

Also Known As: cinnamon mushroom root tea, and KBG for Keishi-bukuryo-gan, in China it is known as Gui Zhi Fu Ling Tang.

Keishi-bukuryo-gan tea is a traditional Japanese formula of four herbs and a mushroom.

It has been used for over 2000 years to control perimenopausal hot flashes.

Keishi Bukuryo Gan is pronounced Kay-Shee Boo-Koo-Ree-Oh Gahn. This concoction contains cinnamon and the Poria cocos mushroom that is found underground, growing on specific pine tree species.

It is made up of 20 percent White Peony or Bai Shao, 20 percent Cinnamon Bark or Rou Gui, 20 percent Persica or Tao Ren, which is the inner kernel of the peach, 20 percent Poria cocos mushroom or Fu Ling, and 20 percent Moutan peony or Mu Dan Pi.

It is difficult to find the tea bags, you can find granules, powder, or extract form that can be mixed with hot water.

Home Remedies Using Keishi bukuryo gan Tea:

Historically Keishi buduryo gan tea has been used in Japan and China for over 2000 years as a treatment for perimenopausal hot flashes and other womens’ menstrual problems.

Keishi-bukuryo-gan literally translates to cinnamon mushroom tablet. Besides being an approved prescription medication in Japan, this tea is also used to treat ovarian cysts and breast lumps.

It is also used to get stagnant blood out of the genital area, especially in women. Men can use the tea for prostate problems and hemorrhoids.

The Chinese believe Keishi bukuryo gan tea is appropriate for both sexes who have emotional trauma with a sense of internal disconnect.

One research study stated that it, “Investigated the effects of KBG on 110 premenopausal patients with uterine myomas. Clinical symptoms of hyper-menorrhea and dysmenorrhea were improved in more than 90 percent of the cases with shrinking of uterine myomas in roughly 60 percent of the cases.”

Side Effects of Keishi bukuryo gan Tea:

There are no known side effects for Keishi bukuryo gan Tea.

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