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Natural Remedies For Urinary Infection – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on October 15, 2013

Kidney plays a vital role in purifying the blood by excreting the waste particles in the body. The expelled particles can be stored in the urinary tract to deliver it as urine. Bacterial infections on the urinary tract can be a very common occurrence leading to urinary tract infections termed as UTI.

It can be very painful and uncomfortable. Urinary infection can be effectively treated by adhering to certain natural remedies that can help fighting it effectively. As urinary infections are common, it can be treated effectively by following some simple natural remedies which are given below for your reference.

Drink Plenty of Water

Consuming plenty of water can be the best way to cure UTI. It is necessary to keep your urinary tract and organs functioning well in order to get rid of the infection. Consuming about 8 – 10 glasses of water on a daily basis will not only help cure urinary tract infections but will also ensure that you keep it at bay in the future as well. The water will help in flushing out the bacteria that causes UTI.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice has natural substances to avoid the cause of urinary tract infections. It can prevent the bacteria colonizing on the urinary bladder. The mild antibiotic effect of the juice can cure the infections on the bladder. To keep the urinary tract infection free, people can drink four ounces of cranberry juice.

Due to the bitter taste of the fruit, it can be difficult for people to drink the juice. Hence, people can prepare and have a cocktail as a substitute for plain cranberry juice which can induce the same effect as pure cranberry juice.

Baking Soda

Urinary tract infection that is lasting for more than two days has to be treated with medications. The untreated infection on the urinary tract can easily spread over to the kidneys. It can complicate the proper functioning of the kidney. Hence, urinary tract infection has to be treated at the early stage.

To alleviate the infection of urine, a teaspoon of baking soda can be added to one glass of water and consumed. Baking soda can reduce the effect of acidity in the urine. The solution can help people to attain the quick recovery from the urinary infection.


Blueberries can be used in the treatment of urinary infection due to its property of inhibiting bacteria. Regular intake of blueberry juice can help people to quickly get relief from the problem. By frequently emptying the urinary bladder, it can flush out the bacteria settled in the bladder or the urethra.

Blueberry is rich in fiber and hence it reduces the effects related to the urinary infection. It can prevent the bacteria sticking to the cell wall of the urinary bladder. Blueberry can improve the strength of the bladder to fight against the bacteria causing infection. It can be one of the effective natural remedies for urinary infection.


Nutrients play an important role in enhancing the proper functioning of the body. People can obtain essential nutrients from fresh vegetables and fruits. Following the same, pineapple can be highly preferred to treat the urinary infection. Pineapple is rich in the enzyme bromelain, which can acts an antibiotic to relieve the effects of infection. Hence, eating a cup of pineapple daily can help people to quickly get rid of the problem.

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