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Natural Cures For Lupus – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 30, 2013

Natural Cures For Lupus Lupus is an autoimmune disease. It can result in chronic inflammation and affect many organs in the body. Common symptoms of this disease include swelling, joint pain and skin rashes. It can also result in extreme fatigue, unexplained fever and kidney problems. It is more commonly found in women.

It may be difficult to identify the exact cause of this disease. Various natural cures may be used to deal with the symptoms of lupus.

Natural Ways to Cure Lupus

Green Tea

An individual can take caffeine-free green tea 3 to 4 times in a day. It can help in reducing the inflammation and joint pain caused by the disease. It is interesting to note that this natural cure can also provide protection against skin rashes.


Basil is also known as “Tulsi”. It is an adaptogenic herb which has been used traditionally in different Ayurvedic medicines. An individual may experience the symptoms associated with lupus as a result of stress.

Drinking basil tea multiple times in a day may help an individual in reducing the stress.


It is important to note that lupus may result in heart problems. Symptoms such as irregular heartbeats and tightening of the arteries may be experienced in some cases. Intake of calcium is essential to improve the health of heart and bones.

Vitamin E and Vitamin D

Vitamin E may help in reducing the attack on body tissues and prevent inflammation caused by lupus. Intake of vitamin E is essential to provide strength and improve the functioning of the immune system. Excessive intake of vitamin E can lead to toxicity and should be taken as per the instructions of a medical consultant.

Vitamin D can help in better absorption of calcium by the body and thereby provide relief from the symptoms. The exact dosage of vitamin D should be discussed with a doctor.


An individual should consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Intake of whole grains is also advisable. Consumption of eggs, garlic and onion can help in the absorption of calcium. Pineapple juice can also be taken to reduce the inflammation caused by lupus.

An individual is also required to consume food items rich in omega -3 essential fatty acids to deal with the symptoms associated with the disease. Intake of salt, animal protein, dairy products, caffeine and processed foods should be reduced.


Yucca is another natural remedy. It can help in reducing the joint discomfort associated with the problem of lupus. Yucca contains steroidal saponins and polyphenolics which can help in curing the inflammation and pain.

It is essential to consult a doctor before using yucca.

Evening Primrose Oil

Intake of evening primrose oil can provide relief from the inflammation. It is essential to use this natural remedy on a daily basis for quick results.


Licorice root can also be used in the treatment. Intake of licorice helps in the detoxification of the body by purifying blood and liver. Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin. This component helps in dealing with the inflammation and pain resulting from lupus.

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