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Ledum Essential Oil – Healthy Remedies


Ledum Essential Oil was used by the North American Natives for thousands of years to fight scurvy. It was also used for coughs, hoarseness and kidney related problems and has been used in folk medicine as well.

As a matter of fact Ledum’s common names Labrador Tea or Marsh Tea takes it name from the fact that a tea was made from this plant for medicinal purposes for centuries. And the pioneers of the west drank it as well not only to combat common ailments but to stay healthy and strong!

Today, it is used for many of the same ailments and can be used as a tonic for the entire body. The antitumoral and anticancer activity were studied by the University of Quebec as well.

They found it to be a strong antioxidant and that it inhibited NO release making it a natural anti-inflammatory. Most interesting is that it showed anti-cancer activity against colon carcinoma and lung carcinoma cells. Some other studies indicate that it may be even stronger than frankincense essential oil!

We also know that Ledum essential oil is a strong liver protectant and has been used for many liver conditions such as hepatitis and fatty liver. It is in two professionally blended blends, Juva Cleanse and GLF (gallbladder liver flush) that were designed specifically for liver and lymphatic system detox. Use ledum or GLF as a home remedy liver detox! I do!

What is the Genus Species? Ledum groenlandicum

Why is this information important? There are several species of Ledum and it has several common names including Labrador Tea, Marsh Tea or Swamp Tea. Ledum often includes Tanacetum palustre and Rhododendron tomentsum so it is definitely important to know your genus species and the common names for the oil you want to purchase.

Where is the name derived from? Ledum comes from an Ancient Greek word “Ledon”.

What Part of the Plant is Used? Leaves

What is the ORAC Value? I know that is has been measured, but I can’t find it. If someone knows please let me know! The Quebec Study definitely did but I need access to the full study.

Why be bothered with this number? ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It tells you the antioxidant capacity of a food item. Antioxidants have shown to reduce the risk of age related conditions and cancer! This was developed by the USDA researchers. For instance: Spinach = 1,260; Clove = 1,078,700. Wow! The number for clove is NOT a typo!

Most Interesting Historical Reference?

Did you know that Ledum was catalogued by the New World European Botanists? Yes, it was one of the first ones to be catalogued!

What are the Plant Properties? Antibacterial, anticancerous, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antitumoral, nerve stimulant, tonic diuretic and liver protectant.

What are the Documented Uses and Benefits of Ledum Oil? Addictions, ADD, alcoholism, allergies, bronchitis, cellulite, colds, congestive cough, dissatisfaction, edema, detoxification, fever, fatty liver, hepatitis (viral), hypothyroid, influenza, laryngitis, liver problems (toxic liver, support and detoxifier), lymph nodes (inflamed), obesity, obsession, skin problems, thyroid regulation, and water retention.

What is the Aromatic Affect on the Mind? Its herbaceous aroma is clearing and grounding.

What is the Spiritual Influence? Ledum release the emotions of dissatisfaction, anger and obsession. Theses are negative emotions that are stored in the liver of the body. It will help us let go of traumatic memories and experiences that may be the root of those negative emotions. Once we release negative emotions, this oil can help us stay spiritually centered and stay in the moment.

This oil will help people break addictions such as smoking, alcoholism, etc. This is why it also has been used for obesity and weight loss.

What Chakra is Affected? Solar plexus chakra.

What are the corresponding Chakra Colors? Yellow

How do I use it?

Use NEAT (undiluted). Then,

• Apply several drops (2-4) on location, abdomen and temples

• Apply to chakras/vitaflex points

• Directly inhale or

• Diffuse

• Dietary Supplement**

Can this Oil be used for Animals? Yes

Note about Animal Use: Certain oils can be very toxic to cats. Pine and citrus products and oils in particular that are not of therapeutic grade! Please consult your vet if you are not sure about applying any essential oil to your pet.

What are the Safety Precautions? Only therapeutic grade essential oils should be used for healing results. Ledum essential oil contains has no contraindications.

The FDA has not approved this oil as a food additive or flavoring agent; however, the company that I purchase the oil from advocates that this oil can be used as a dietary supplement.

Of course we know that Ledum has been taken internally for centuries by Eskimos, Native Americans and others; and hence its common name Labrador Tea!

Essential Oil Trivia?

Did you know that the Cree Indians called this plant muskekopukwan? Yes, they used it to treat colds, fevers and other conditions.

Did you know that the Eskimos use Ledum to combat Cancer?


Place one drop of ledum essential oil in 4 oz of liquid to use as a dietary supplement.

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