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Bronchitis Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Bronchitis can come about as a result of a lingering cold that has turned into an unbearable cough.

The condition of bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes that line the lungs and it can become rather serious if left untreated.

A change in weather or certain breathing conditions can add to the aggravation that bronchitis creates and therefore finding a treatment and a cure is essential.

People suffering from bronchitis often cough up excessive phlegm, have difficulty breathing, and may even suffer from a fever.

There’s no doubt about it, for an individual who exhibits the signs of bronchitis it can be essential to receive proper medical attention for diagnosis and ultimately treatment.

It is highly recommended to start with medical treatment for bronchitis. There are some excellent prescription medications that one can be given to help in treating bronchitis and any symptoms associated with it.

In addition to medical measures, there are some natural cures that can be used in conjunction to help relieve any symptoms that an individual may suffer from.

There are some effective and very simple home remedies that one can use to help speed up their recovery from bronchitis, making these quite popular.


Onion seems to have an unlimited number of healing powers and we see it appear yet again in the treatment of bronchitis.

Onion is said to have natural expectorant powers and therefore should be taken as a natural cure for bronchitis.

Taking a teaspoon of raw onion juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can help to liquefy phlegm and prevent it from forming altogether.

Onion can therefore be an easy and helpful home remedy for bronchitis.

Turmeric Powder:

Another excellent home remedy for bronchitis is turmeric powder, and fortunately it is quite easy to find this at any natural health food store.

Mixing a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of milk makes for a powerful drink in the treatment of bronchitis and should be consumed on an empty stomach for as long as symptoms are present.

This home remedy is rather simple to put together and can aggressively go after the symptoms of bronchitis.


Crushing up a handful of almonds and turning this into an emulsion that can be properly mixed with lemon juice will act as a natural home remedy for bronchitis.

Almonds in this form help to battle any bronchial problems, particularly bronchitis, and is a preferred natural cure for the condition.

Almonds can help to get rid of the symptoms of bronchitis and this natural cure will help an individual to be cured of the condition altogether.

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