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Jasmine Tea – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on October 12, 2016

Tea name: Jasmine Tea.

Also known as: Kombucha tea is often known by as many as 70 other names.

Some of the more commonly used alternate names for kombucha tea include: ◦Green jasmine tea ◦Pouchong jasmine tea ◦Oolong jasmine tea

◦Jasmine Tisane

What is jasmine tea? Jasmine tea is created from a base of green tea or oolong, also known as Wulong, tea leaves which have been scented with jasmine blossoms.

In some blends of jasmine tea, the blossoms are left in the tea mix to be steeped along with the tea leaves.

In most cases, however, the jasmine flowers are removed, leaving the scent in the tea leaves.

Jasmine tea is the drink of choice of the Okinawa elders who rarely, if ever, drink green tea without the jasmine flavor.

Benefits and Uses of Jasmine Tea:

Jasmine tea is said to have certain healthful benefits.

Because the tea base is either green tea or oolong tea, the health benefits of these teas are incorporated into jasmine tea, but jasmine tea offers unique benefits in addition to the green or oolong teas.

These include: ◦Reduced cholesterol levels ◦Feeling of improved health and vitality ◦Potential for longer life

◦Weight loss aid

Anyone who enjoys the benefits of green tea or oolong, also called wulong, tea will enjoy those same benefits from jasmine tea.

Jasmine tea is purchased in bulk or in tea bags.

Bulk or loose tea can be steeped using a tea ball while tea in bags is steeped in the bag.

Boiling water is poured over the tea, with or without the associated jasmine flowers remaining in the tea.

The tea is steeped for five minutes or until it reaches the level of flavor you prefer.

Side Effects of Jasmine Tea:

Jasmine tea has no side effects other than those associated with the base tea which is either oolong or green tea.

These teas have the potential for causing sleeplessness in individuals who are caffeine sensitive.

There is a slim possibility of an allergic reaction to the jasmine flowers, but this is a rather rare allergy.

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