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Anxiety Attacks Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on August 20, 2016

Though anxiety can be a very manageable condition that many suffer from, it can often get out of hand.

Anxiety that becomes problematic or overwhelming for the individual suffering can even cause the person to feel trapped in their own home.

Anxiety can make an individual worried, concerned, scared, and angry—and in the most extreme cases this can turn into a full fledged anxiety attack.

Some may suffer an isolated anxiety attack based on a crisis or life changing event. While others suffer from anxiety attacks on a regular basis.

The answer that most doctors will provide to such an individual, is to take an anti anxiety medication, but in many instances this can cause other less desirable side effects.

Many people seek a more natural cure in dealing with their anxiety attacks, which has made easy and effective home remedies quite popular.

It’s amazing how some tried and true methods can bring an end to not only the anxiety that one suffers from, but also the anxiety attacks that can take over their life in some cases.

Breathing Exercises:

The scariest situation for an individual can be calmed quite effectively by learning how to properly breathe. Slow, deep breaths can be helpful for the individual when they begin to feel the symptoms of an anxiety attack coming on.

This may sound like a rather obvious step, but oftentimes as one is suffering from anxiety attack they may forget to breathe properly.

Therefore one of the best and most helpful natural cures for anxiety attacks is learning proper and calming breathing techniques.

Yoga can go hand in hand with this as well.

Stay Away from the Stimulants:

If you are an avid coffee drinker, learn to choose decaf. Making this simple step in your daily life can not only help to calm you when you are in fact suffering an anxiety attack, but can also help you to avoid them.

The stimulant effect in coffee can be far too much for an individuals’ system to handle if they already suffer from anxiety attacks.

Therefore avoiding any type of stimulant that can add to the symptoms or the effects overall is a good idea as a natural cure and aid.

Sniff from Happy Times:

You always hear that you should focus on happy times when you are suffering from anxiety or a difficult situation.

This is especially true for those who regularly suffer from anxiety attacks, and it can be quite helpful to find a scent that is associated with childhood or a happy experience in your life.

Finding a candle, air freshener, lotion, or some other item that can take you back to your youth or a happy place can be a very helpful and natural cure for anxiety attacks.

Focus on scents like fresh baked cookies, coconut or tropical scents, or even a certain flower that takes you to happier times.

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