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Added/Modified on November 4, 2016

Toothache can turn into a serious complication, in case timely action is not taken. Though a visit to the dentist might be required, if root decay has set in, taking timely action through numerous home remedies can prevent tooth decay, thus helping you maintain a smiling face. Below I list some of the popular home remedies that you can try in case of toothache.

Ice Massage

An effective home remedy, ice massage can provide you the much needed relief. Rub an ice cube between the area of forefinger and thumb. The ice cube is to be rubbed for at least ten minutes. It helps neutralise the pain impulse that usually moves along the nerve pathway. Alternatively, you can place an ice cube on the affected teeth. This also helps nullify the pain.


Garlic has been used since long as an effective remedy for toothache. A clove of of garlic mixed with rock salt is a great remedy for toothache. Place the garlic clove on the affected tooth. Regular use of this home therapy can help relieve toothache and can also cure old toothache problems.


Owing to its anti bacterial properties, onion is considered an effective remedy for toothache. Place a small piece of onion on the affected tooth for instant relief. Regular use of this home therapy can help relive pain as this kills germs that might be building up in your mouth.


Lime on account of being a rich source of vitamin C helps prevent tooth decay and simultaneously helps provide relief from toothache. Use lime regularly in case you are suffering from toothache.

Wheat Grass Juice

An excellent mouthwash, wheat grass juice also helps prevent tooth decay. Wheat grass not only removes toxins from the gum but also checks bacterial growth in your mouth. Use wheat grass juice regularly and help maintain the smile on your face.


Asafetida is an instant relief, in case you are suffering from severe toothache. The juice is obtained from roots of plants belonging to parsley family. Try this home remedy for some much needed relief.


A mouthwash done with salt water also helps provide some relief, in case other home remedies can not be undertaken at a particular hour of night. Try this home remedy and feel the difference.


Pepper also provides relief from toothache. Pepper mixed with common salt is an excellent cure for toothache. Apply this to the affected tooth and get the much needed relief from toothache.


This might surprise you, but liquor is a great remedy for toothache! A small ball of cotton wool needs to be soaked in vodka or brandy and applied to the affected tooth. This will provide instant relief from toothache.

Bay Berry

Paste made from bay berry bark and mixed with vinegar is an excellent home remedy for toothache. Apply this paste to the affected tooth and instant relief will follow. This is an excellent remedy, in case you have sensitive teeth.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is another great home remedy. Apply a little of clove oil directly on the affected tooth. This will not only help relieve pain but will help remove bacteria from your mouth.

Try the above listed home remedies for instant relief from toothache. Regular use of these home remedies will ensure that you are able to maintain your usual smile, besides avoiding unnecessary trips to the dentist.

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