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Green Tea – Healthy Remedies


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Tea name: Green Tea.

Also known as: Green tea is also known as Weightloss tea, Jasmine tea, Japanese tea, Ceylon tea, Weight loss tea.

What is green tea? Green tea is made from dried leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant.

The leaves are gathered at the proper time and carefully dried at the peak of their life cycle to capture the most health benefits from the oils and substances inside this healthy type of tea.

Benefits and Uses of Green Tea:

Green tea has many health benefits associated with it, including: ◦Increased energy ◦Weight loss ◦Improved immune response ◦Anti-aging and cancer fighting anti-oxidants ◦An improved sense of wellness and vitality ◦Stamina ◦Longevity ◦Reduces kidney stones ◦Reduces risk of cancer ◦Reduces risk of stroke ◦Improves bone density ◦Reduces total fasting cholesterol

◦Reduces overall body fat

Cancer Prevention

Green tea is high in antioxidants and polyphenols. Studies have suggested that green tea reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and reduces over all blood pressure.

Green tea, either consumed as a hot or cold beverage or as a dietary supplement in the form of green tea extract or as part of a dietary supplement or health beverage. There is also ice cream made from green tea.

It is used by millions as an easy way to help the body burn fat and lose excess weight.

It is said to increase the metabolism without increasing heart rate.

The higher energy level enjoyed by the tea enthusiast is complimented by the anti-aging and anti-cancer properties said to be provided by green tea.

Green tea can be purchased as bulk tea leaves and steeped in a tea ball.

It is also readily available in tea bags for convenience. You can also find green tea in the form of green tea extract in capsulated form.

It is also an ingredient in many other dietary supplements and health beverages.

Side Effects of Green Tea:

Consumption of large amounts of green tea, especially late in the evening or before bedtime, can cause sleeplessness in those who are sensitive to caffeine.

While the caffeine in green tea is much lower than in darker teas, there remains about 15 mg per serving.

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