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Arthritis Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Arthritis can cause a chronic pain and discomfort that makes it difficult for an individual to cope with on a daily basis.

For those that suffer from this inflammation of the joints, it can leave them feeling almost crippled because they are unable to have full mobility of their joints and simple everyday tasks can be quite complex.

This condition usually affects the older generation, but it can happen even from overuse of a particular part of the body.

Arthritis affects areas such as the fingers and the hands and the knees, making these key body parts very difficult to move. Rather than sitting out from any activity, most people want to find an answer.

They want to seek out a cure for arthritis and at that, prefer a natural cure. Though there are some medications that one can take for their symptoms and flare ups, this daily dose can get a bit cumbersome.

Rather than popping a pill or fooling with a cream that they rub on the affected area each day, they want to find a home remedy that can stand the test of time and limit the frustration and pain that they suffer from.

Interesting Fact:

A study shows that drinkers are less likely to develop several types of arthritis, though Doctors caution people not to take up drinking or increase alcohol consumption to reduce arthritis risk.

The study indicated that drinkers were up to 73% less likely to develop Arthritis.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It seems that the virtues of apple cider vinegar continue to grow. This basis for many natural home remedies certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to arthritis either.

A very well known home remedy in dealing with arthritis and the associated symptoms is to rub hot apple cider vinegar on the affected area each night. You can also create a hand bath by adding the vinegar to warm water and then soaking.

Not only will this help to limit the flare ups, but will also help to lessen the symptoms and the pain.

Castor Oil:

You see castor oil turn up quite a bit when it comes to natural cures as well. When it comes to the pain associated with many different forms of arthritis, castor oil can be a life saver.

Individuals suffering from arthritis pain should rub castor oil over the affected area for quick relief. It can also be heated, put into a pack or made into a paste to reduce inflammation.


Powdered ginger root can be an excellent home remedy to help those who suffer from arthritis. Ginger has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation among other things.

This can be mixed with water and drank or mixed into food. It can also be applied topically in the form of ginger oil. It can be a great natural way of dealing with the pain associated with this condition.


Eating raw cloves of garlic or mixing it into a powder for consumption with mustard seed and sprague can be a very useful home remedy to avoid or limit the symptoms associated with arthritis.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that are effective against arthritis and it is also available in capsules.

Shea Extract:

Shea extract found in the African Shea Tree (the same used in Shea butter) has been found to decrease inflammation and collagen destruction reducing pain in arthritis sufferers.

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