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Anorexia Nervosa Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on March 6, 2014

Anorexia nervosa can be a devastating disease for the individual suffering, as well as their loved ones.

In this drastic disease, the individual feels as though they are fat and limit or skip eating altogether.

There are a lot of psychological ties to such a disease as the person suffering from anorexia nervosa has an image of themselves that they see, which nobody else does.

They often feel as though they are obese, unworthy, and loathe themselves. What they see when they look in the mirror is not what everybody else sees when they look at them, so it’s a very complex disease to get help with.

As one can imagine, the consequences are quite extreme when one deprives themselves of food. There can be short and long term damage to the organs, to the digestive system, and even to the skin and hair.

This can become a very long term issue that can even be fatal at its worse and therefore seeking medical attention is always a good idea.

Many who suffer from anorexia nervosa seek home remedies either after they have gone through treatment or before the disease gets out of hand.

As people search for a more natural cure for anorexia nervosa, there are some very helpful things that you can do right at home.


When one is seeing a more natural cure for anorexia nervosa, they need to look at things that will stimulate the appetite.

Things that can not only be mixed with healthy foods, but which will help the individual to rebuild their appetite altogether are quite helpful.

One of the most powerful home remedies for this is garlic.

Garlic is not only good for the individual, but acts as a natural stimulant for appetite.

This can be a very helpful home remedy for anorexia nervosa.

Garlic can either be added to food or mixed into boiling water and made into a “soup” of sorts, enhanced with lemon juice which will also help to boost the appetite as well.

Citrus Juice:

The juice of citrus fruits can be a very helpful natural cure for anorexia nervosa.

By eating oranges, lemons, or limes or even using the juice to enhance food, you are automatically boosting the appetite.

This is a very natural cure as it boosts the appetite very quickly, and of course can be added to most foods that the individual will eat.

Natural Herbs:

There are some natural herbs that can be helpful in boosting the appetite.

These supplements can be found at the health food store and include ginger, chamomile, lavender, and tarragon.

These are some of the most helpful home remedies for anorexia nervosa.

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