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Activities to lose weight round the clock after child birth – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on October 11, 2016

After pregnancy, a woman surely goes through some major changes in her body. Her weight increases, there is hair loss, and saggy skin rears its head. All such problems can be easily fought by doing a course of some healthy and effective workouts. Start with taking a walk or going for a jog. Women can even begin their day with a cup of green tea and end it with a bowl full of green salads. By cultivating such habits on a daily basis, you will be able to lose oodles of weight in very little time. It will also give you enough stamina and energy to take care of the new born.

1. Slow and steady wins the race
The reason why researchers suggest brisk walk is because directly after child birth the body lacks strength. This type of exercise is extremely simple and it does not call for many requirements. Brisk walking is extremely beneficial when it comes to shedding all the lower body fat. Begin with a slow walk initially in order to warm up the body. Continue for at least 3 minutes. Now increase your speed and maintain it for next 5-10 minutes. If you feel tired, you can again slow down but only for very small intervals. Make sure that your resting period does not cool down your body. Walking uphill is the best way to practice this form of workout. But, do not combine brisk walking and jogging.

2. A round of kegel workout
There are a lot of women who develop a wetting problem post pregnancy. It is absolutely normal because during child birth, the kegel muscle becomes loose. It is the main muscle which helps us to control us from urinating. While urinating, stop the stream for a few seconds. The force which stops the stream is the kegel muscle. Now lie down on the floor with your knees folded and hands apart. Contract your kegel muscle for a maximum of 3 seconds. Now release and repeat the process for 10-15 times. By practicing regularly, you can strengthen your pelvic muscles and help yourself during the next pregnancy.

3. Say hello to crunches
Various doctors may suggest heavy weights or extensive workout programs in order to get rid of the flab. But this theory is not applied to women post childbirth. The best way to get a flat stomach after child birth is by doing a round of crunches. Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and joined together. Place your arms behind the neck and begin with going up and down slowly. Do not go very fast, as it will not show any results. Start with a set of 7 crunches and follow it for another 5 sets. Crunches will give you enough strength to do the daily chores of the house.

4. Begin doing household chores
You will have to develop strength and motivation to be able to manage the entire house yourself. It has a lot of benefits both physically and mentally. Make sure that it is you who is changing nappies, breast feeding, cooking baby food, putting the baby off to sleep, etc. By doing all such activities, you can ensure that your mind is alert and energetic. By moving around the house while doing chores, you unknowingly end up burning calories. It is the best form of post pregnancy workout.

5. Bring in some good fats
The problem of deficiency of minerals and nutrients will definitely vanish when you introduce good fats in your meals. These good fats are nothing else but a bunch of food items which contain required fats for the functioning of our body. Food items like eggs, white meat, chicken breast, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, etc. all provide our body with the essential fat as nutrition. By indulging in small yet fatty meals, ladies can seriously lose inches in weeks. Eating only a bunch of mixed dry fruits is accepted. Indulging in meat dishes but in small quantities can also be helpful. Green vegetables can be eaten in abundance as they will not harm the body in any way.

6. Feed the baby first and then yourself
Breast feeding is an essential part of taking care of the new born. When you breast feed, your breasts do tend to become flabby. There is nothing unusual in it as it is a part and parcel of pregnancy. But, even the young one needs his or her mother’s milk for a good dose of nutrients. These nutrients help the child further in life during growing up days. So make sure that you do not combine breast feeding and workout.

It is always suggested by doctors to first breast feed and then start with the workout. What happens during breast feeding is that your breast muscles become loose. If you do not workout to make them firm, your breasts tend to become loose and flabby. Hence, after you are done with feeding the infant, go for your post child birth workout program. It will strengthen the breast muscles, making them firm. This is the most effective way of getting rid of stretch marks on the breasts. Hence, make it a point of working out right after feeding.

7. Learn to lose weight slowly
There are a lot of myths which mislead a women about losing weight after child birth. One of the biggest and false myths suggests that vigorous exercise should be performed after pregnancy to lose weight. While you give birth to a child, you consume almost the entire energy in the body. There is very little stamina which can help you perform such strenuous exercises. Hence, staying away from these kind of workout programs will be a better idea.

Women have to learn that post child birth weight loss is a slow process. There are no overnight changes that take place. Even when you perform vigorous exercises, your body tends to consume a lot of energy. In the absence of stamina, one can even faint or fall sick. The body must posses sufficient energy to carry out any type of workout. Hence, it is better to perform only those workouts which are slow and steady. By doing slow motion exercises, the entire strength will be taken from the entire body and not just one body part. Therefore, it will lead to a gradual weight loss instead of sudden. This is a very imperative aspect related to weight loss post child birth.

8. Climb a hill
Post pregnancy, there are a lot of physical and mental changes that women go through. The mental issues could arise due to an unfit body and improper lifestyle. While taking care of the baby, one does tend to lose out on time. But that does not mean you cannot lose weight. There are loads of other ways to help you lose pregnancy weight. Joining a gym or going for yoga may not help that much. Sticking to natural workout will be the best thing to do. The most effective and natural workout is climbing a hill.

Women who live in hilly areas can make best use of the hill behind their house. Start with taking a long walk uphill. You can take a walk of 2-3 km. Try bringing a partner along with you. When you start walking uphill, the body automatically starts consuming your strength. It further leads to an increase in stamina and firmness in your muscles. Your calf muscles, abs and hips are the areas which are most affected while walking uphill. This is the simplest form of exercise as it does not require much exertion. So, put on your walking shoes and start climbing a hill to burn calories instantly.

9. Skip like a frog
Skipping is the best form of workout. Extensive research has confirmed that skipping can help you burn calories successfully unlike any other workout. It does not call for any specific requirements besides a skipping rope and continuity. One has to learn the easy technique of skipping. You can purchase a nylon rope and begin at any hour of the day.

The best time to skip is either early morning or in the evening. Start with doing 50 rounds. Now repeat this set until you finish 500 skips. Even a smooth rope can be your skipping rope. But buying the one with handles will give you a good grip and will last long. Women who have gone through a C-section must not perform this exercise as it can be harmful for their stitches. With the help of skipping, women can lose all the fat on their stomach. It will also give them curvy arms and lean shoulders. Therefore, fix a place for skipping either in your house or outside.

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