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Natural Cure For Flu – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on December 15, 2014

Natural Cure For Flu Viral infection of the upper respiratory tract causes flu. Appropriate home remedies provide rapid relief from the symptoms of flu. The goal of flu treatment is to strengthen the immune system and alleviate the symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, body ache and runny nose or nasal congestion.

Enough rest and proper diet help to treat flu naturally. You also need sufficient sleep to stimulate the immune system. A person who is otherwise healthy can combat flu with drug free natural treatment.

How to Cure Flu Naturally

Drink Plenty of Water

Increased thirst is a common symptom of flu. You will experience strong thirst especially when your body temperature is a few degrees higher than normal. Water helps to lower the body temperature. It also helps to loosen the mucus clogging the sinuses and the airways of the lungs.

Sipping small amount of fluid throughout the day helps to maintain the normal body hydration. In addition to drinking water, take fruit juices, ginger tea, soup and broth. Avoid caffeinated beverages as the diuretic effect of caffeine may promote water loss by increasing urination.

Consume Chicken Soup

Hot chicken soup or broth is a popular natural remedy for flu. Studies suggest that chicken soup is beneficial for flu patients. The vapor entering the nostrils and throat while consuming hot soup helps to clear the nasal passage.

Culinary herbs and vegetables added to the chicken soup recipe enhance the nutritional value of the soup, making it the ideal food for a sick person.

Suck zinc Lozenge

Zinc supplements can reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms of flu. Zinc is needed for the healthy functioning of the immune system. It inhibits the ability of the viruses to replicate and attach to the host cell membranes.

Zinc supplements are most effective when taken within a few hours after the first symptoms of flu develop. However, zinc lozenges may cause bad taste in the mouth and nausea. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your physician before taking the supplement.

Eat Garlic

Garlic is recommended for improving the body’s ability to fight infection. The sulfur containing components of garlic are blessed with antimicrobial property that helps to kill the microorganisms invading the respiratory tract.

Garlic is also a source of antioxidant vitamins that help to strengthen the immune system.


Echinacea is a popular remedy for flu. Drinking several cups of tea prepared with Echinacea helps to alleviate the symptoms of flu. The herb works by activating the immune system. About one to two grams of dried Echinacea can be taken daily as tea by people suffering from flu.


Goldenseal can be taken alone or used in combination with Echinacea for treating flu naturally. Just as Echinacea, goldenseal also works by activating the immune system. Berberine, the main bioactive component of goldenseal, stimulates the white blood cells, thereby boosting the ability of the immune system to fight microbes associated with flu.


Licorice root is recommended in European folk medicine for fighting flu. It is a natural expectorant that helps to loosen the mucus, thereby providing relief from cold and cough, two common symptoms of flu.

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