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Corns Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Corns usually form on the joints of the toes and feet. They are unsightly, usually tender, and often quite painful.

This is not a condition that many people like to discuss as it draws rather negative attention to one’s feet and often results in a person doing whatever they can to cover them up.

Corns appear after a great amount of pressure is put on the foot, they can come about after years of wearing uncomfortable or tight shoes.

You see corns appear very often in women, particularly as they get older. However corns can appear at anytime and they are usually a result of somebody trying to squeeze into shoes that put great pressure on their feet.

Most of the time people will ignore the problem as it’s not a common occurrence for somebody to seek medical attention for corns unless they happen to be very serious or too painful.

It is helpful to know however there are some excellent natural cures for corns.

These home remedies are not just easy to implement, but they also allow the individual to get rid of corns forever.


We see lemon appear as a natural cure for so many conditions. To get rid of corns, turn to lemon for immediate relief.

Placing a slice of lemon over the site of the corns and tying it there to hold in place is the key to pain relief.

Lemon can then work overnight allowing them to dissipate and allowing you to be free of any pain right away.


Licorice can be made into a paste by grinding a few natural liquorice roots and mixing it with sesame oil making an excellent paste.

This paste is most effective when the corn is just forming and as this soaks in overnight it helps to soften the corn and eventually get rid of it.

This will help dramatically if put on each night as long as needed.


Papaya doesn’t just make a delicious treat, but it can also be of great help for corns.

Papaya juice is a well known irritant and by placing the juice on the site of the corns 2-3 times daily, this will help remove them once and for all.

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