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Chicken Pox Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 2, 2014

Many children are infected with chicken pox at some point, and it’s better in your youth.

This is a highly contagious disease and can be made much easier if contracted in youth as it can be as simple as some red bumps and itching.

If an adult gets chicken pox, the complications can be much more severe and lead to extremes such as infertility or hospitalization. The rash that is associated with chicken pox starts off slowly, often a few red bumps on the chest and stomach and then quickly spreads throughout the body.

The biggest problem with chicken pox is the rash and the itching which can drive a person mad. Helping children especially to keep from scratching can be quite important so that they don’t spread it or even end up with scars.

It can be a good idea to seek medical attention to be sure that it is in fact chicken pox that the individual has.

Though there are vaccines to help prevent chicken pox from occurring, there isn’t much that a doctor can really do to help to calm the rash or the itching. That’s why it’s good to know that there are some excellent natural cures that one can do in the comfort of their own home.

Getting some relief and helping the rash to quickly subside can make these popular home remedies a real blessing.


Spreading honey on the body of an individual affected with chicken pox can provide some true relief.

Honey is believed to help with the itching and is said to cure the chicken pox within about three days, making this a very popular and effective home remedy.


Drawing a bath with an oatmeal component can be quite helpful when it comes to helping to get rid of chicken pox.

Putting oatmeal into a cloth bag and letting it soak into the warm water as the bath is drawn gives just the right amount to help act as a natural cure.

Letting the child soak in the oatmeal bath will provide quick relief from the scratching and help to act as a home remedy in getting rid of chicken pox quickly.

Baking Soda:

Placing baking soda into water creates a very effective natural cure for chicken pox.

Placing this paste on the skin and especially at the site of the chicken pox will allow the individual to get some relief and prevent the rash from spreading or the pox to erupt, which could lead to scars.

This is an effective and really simple home remedy.

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