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Celiac Disease Home remedy – Healthy Remedies


Celiac disease is a chronic digestive disorder activated by the consumption of gluten.

People with celiac disease suffer from damage in their small intestine after eating food containing gluten, because the body recognizes gluten as an antigen.

The immune system in turn attacks the gluten by damaging or completely destroying villi which are tiny, hair-like projections in the small intestine that absorb nutrients from food.

As a direct result, the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients is impaired. Malabsorption happens in the small intestine with damaged villi.

The ability to efficiently absorb carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and at times, water and bile salts becomes nearly impossible. Without the absorption of these basic nutrients, the body becomes malnourished.

Celiac disease is a hereditary condition affecting both adults and children, and can happen at any age.

Caucasians of European descent are affected mostly. It is now believed that 1 in 500 people in the United States are affected with celiac disease.

Celiac disease can also be triggered by emotional stress, physical injury, pregnancy, surgery or infection.

Dermatitis herpetiformis is a life-long skin condition that often occurs in people with celiac disease. The body develops tiny water blisters that are quickly scratched off, only to reappear a few weeks later.

Symptoms of celiac disease:

Symptoms include intense stinging, burning and itching around the elbows, knees, scalp, back and buttocks.

The symptoms of celiac disease vary from person to person.

Children are more likely to have symptoms involving the digestive system, such as: ◦Large, pale and/or light-yellow-colored, foul-smelling stools ◦Gas ◦Constipation ◦Abdominal bloating and pain ◦Chronic diarrhea ◦Weight-loss


Infants and young children may also become very irritable. Malabsorption can cause failure to strive, stunted growth and delayed puberty in adolescence because vital nutrients were lost during childhood.

While adults may exhibit the symptoms listed above, some more common ones would be: ◦Bone and/or joint pain ◦Fatigue ◦Anemia ◦Irritability ◦Depression ◦Mouth sores ◦Skin rash ◦Tingling numbness in the hands and/or feet ◦Missed menstrual periods


Celiac disease is often difficult to diagnose due to the diversity of symptoms and in turn often goes undiagnosed for a long time.

While there is no known natural cures for celiac disease, you can use a variety of home remedies to control the disease and live a happy, prosperous life.

Olive Leaf Extract:

When taken orally, olive leaf extract is known to boost the immune system and protect it from further attacks.

Olive leaf extract is becoming increasingly used as a replacement for synthetic antibiotics.

Read Food Labels:

Unless you read the food label every time, you are susceptible to consuming gluten.

Gluten is commonly used in many products, both food and non-food related.

Avoid any and all foods that contain gluten, including, but not limited to—barley, oats, rye, wheat, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, textured vegetable protein, hydrolyzed plant protein, malt, modified food starch, some soy sauces, grain vinegars, binders, fillers, excipients and natural flavorings.

Chew your Food:

The best thing anyone with celiac disease can do to chew food thoroughly before swallowing!

This improves the intake of nutrients to become absorbed more efficiently.

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