Cavities Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies

Cavities can be rather painful and at times even frustrating as they can interfere with something as simple as eating certain foods. Some people are just more prone to the onset of cavities due to genetics or lifestyle, but they can affect anyone at any time.

Cavities are especially common in children and those that aren’t as good about brushing their teeth as they should be.

Good oral hygiene can help to remove food particles and bacteria that over time can turn into cavities.

When you find that you are suffering from pain or having difficulty chewing on a spot in your mouth, then it’s highly likely that you have been affected by a cavity.

For those that get cavities, it can be really helpful to seek medical attention. In most cases, cavities need to be filled and only a dentist can be of assistance with that.

Cavities are usually cured by this method but there are certain measures that one can handle on their own to prevent them from coming back.

Fortunately there are some very simple home remedies that can help you manage the symptoms of cavities and prevent them from returning. Considering that the natural cures for cavities are simple in their approach but very powerful in helping you to get rid of them, they are well worth looking at.

Use a Straw

It may sound too simple, but drinking through a straw can help you in the prevention of tooth decay.

If you want a very simple home remedy for cavities and to work towards their prevention, then a straw can be just the thing you are looking for.

By using a straw, you are eliminating any sugary drinks to coat your teeth and thus this is a natural cure in the prevention of cavities.

Drink Unsweetened Tea

Green tea and Black tea both have anti-bacterial properties that fight tooth decay

Dragons Blood/Sangre de Drago

A resin from a tree called Dragons’s Blood or Sangre-de-drago, can be used as a mouth wash or put directly on your teeth to fight decay. This is an old remedy that has been used for its disinfectant qualities.

Cloves or Clove Oil

Clove and Clove oil can help with the pain of tooth decay and also contains anti-bacterial qualities to help with dental hygiene.

Brushing/Proper Timing of Eating

Brushing after every meal or snack can certainly help to act as a natural cure for cavities.

Just taking the simple measure of eating close to the time you will be brushing your teeth can help to act as a home remedy for cavities.

No matter the type of food, the longer bacteria and plaque are allowed to remain on the teeth, the likelihood of cavities developing will increase.

If you always brush right after or very close to the time you will be eating there will be less bacteria, acids and and plaque on your teeth which will help you to possibly avoid cavities completely.


Eating cheeses like cheddar, brie and blue can be an excellent and most delicious home remedy for cavities.

The calcium and phosphate in cheese helps to act as a barrier to the plaque, breaking down cavity causing acids and thus protecting the teeth from decay.

This can be a very helpful natural cure to cavities and work well towards the prevention. The cheese can be a tasty snack eaten after and between meals.