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Bodily changes you can expect during pregancy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on December 16, 2014

Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage in a women’s life and one of the most challenging too. From the first day when you come to know that you have conceived till the day you deliver a baby, pregnancy lasts for a period of approximately forty weeks. After getting pregnant, if women already have knowledge about the various stages that they have to undergo, they will most likely cope better with complications. They can take care of themselves in a proper way and not get panicked by petty issues. According to the WHO, near about 1,500 women suffer from pregnancy complications every day. Therefore, it is essential that every expecting mother should make herself aware of various stages that she has to undergo during pregnancy to manage herself in a better manner.

1. Stage 1: Pre conception to second week
The symptoms of pregnancy are not the same for everyone and depend upon certain factors that vary from one person to another. The major sign of being pregnant is not having your regular menstrual cycle. The fetus grows very quickly during the early stages of pregnancy, so it is very beneficial for the baby if you detect your pregnancy early in order to take proper and nutritious diet. After 6-12 days the embryo gets attached to the walls of the uterus. As a consequence you will experience cramps and bleeding called as the implant bleeding. Frequent urination, dizziness and vaginal discharge are some other symptoms that can mark the onset of your pregnancy.

2. Stage 2: Weeks 2 to 4
The 2-4 week pregnancy period can be quite troublesome for most of the expecting mothers. You will begin to see a lot of bodily changes internally as well as externally. The most difficult of all the signs is the morning sickness. You are likely to feel more nauseated all the time, be it morning, noon or night. You may also get a sudden craving for any particular food during this period. You will also see the darkening of your areolas. If you notice a significant darkness around your nipple, it is a sign that you have conceived. You will also see an increase in your breast size and volume. They will also become tender, similar to the tenderness that you experience just before your periods. But when you get used to the surge in hormones, the pain will gradually reduce.

3. Stage 3: First trimester
The first trimester of your pregnancy can be very exciting but you will feel low in energy. You should consult your doctor and perform regular checkups to see if things are going fine. The doctor will also help the expectant determine the due date for the delivery of the baby. He/she may also suggest some vitamins that would be vital for your prenatal development and well-being. Pregnancy should not become the reason of your stagnation. You should try to continue living a normal and active life, but with certain precautions. You can also ask your doctor to draft an exercise regimen during your pregnancy, which will help you to stay fit and healthy.

4. Stage 4: Second trimester
During the second trimester stage, the baby begins to grow very quickly. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to identify your nutritional deficiencies which may affect the development of the child if left unchecked. You should take extra care of yourself and avoid lifting heavy things. You should also check your glucose levels by going for a glucose test so that any signs of gestational diabetes is checked. The baby grows in this trimester because of which you may experience swelling in your legs, feet or some pressure on your back. This gives you another reason to do some light exercises so as to keep your muscles toned and flexible.

5. Stage 5: Third trimester
The third trimester is the most tiresome of all the stages during pregnancy. By this time your baby develops completely and is still growing in size and weight. The enhancements take place in the baby’s brain as well as lungs. As the baby grows, you will experience a pressure on your bladder and pelvis. During this stage, you will also experience a lot of movement from the baby, and you will feel that you are left with no space at all. It is said that during the third trimester, your baby on an average gains 28 gm of weight every day.

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