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Added/Modified on December 19, 2016

Bleeding gums is a very common condition, also known as gingivitis. In this condition, gums can bleed, become inflamed or even swollen.

There are a variety of reasons that bleeding gums occur, but it can be troublesome to somebody as they encounter this condition.

Bleeding gums can be a direct result of poor hygiene through improper or infrequent brushing. It occurs due to toxins building up in the gums that can keep them swollen and sore, then the bleeding can come as soon as brushing or even eating comes in.

Whatever the cause for the bleeding gums, it’s a condition that you want to get under control as quickly as possible. If left untreated, bleeding gums can lead to more serious health problems such as the destruction of the gum tissue or even the bone in the worst cases.

Seeking medical attention for bleeding gums is a good idea as proper attention can be provided and medication can be prescribed if necessary, particularly if there is excessive bleeding or belief that there is a more serious condition at the core.

If however the bleeding gums are new or rather subtle, using a home remedy may be a great first step.

Salt Water:

Salt water may sound too simplistic when it comes to the treatment of bleeding gums, but it is effective.

Mixing salt with warm water makes for an excellent natural cure when used as a mouth rinse.

This can aid in circulation and help to kill of any bacteria that have built up in the mouth, which will reduce any swelling and bleeding gums.

Swishing the salt water in your mouth each night can be a wonderful home remedy for bleeding gums.


Though flossing should be an inherent part of your routine when it comes to your oral hygiene, it can also act as a natural cure for bleeding gums.

Though it may be painful at first if you do not regularly floss and can even contribute to the bleeding gums, if done consistently it will eventually act as a wonderful home remedy in preventing this condition.

Tea Tree Oil:

Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your toothpaste can be an excellent home remedy for bleeding gums.

Tea tree oil will help to prevent the buildup of tartar in between the teeth which ultimately contributes to and even causes bleeding gums.

Green Tea:

Regularly drinking green tea can help to prevent bleeding gums from occurring.

This is an effective, easy, and inexpensive home remedy that helps to contribute to good health overall.

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