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Added/Modified on September 7, 2013

Just hearing the word “baldness” sends shivers up some people’s spine.

For those who suffer from baldness, it can be a long and winding road full of insecurity and various ways for which to try and cover it up.

Male pattern baldness is the most common type and it affects men at all walks of life.

There are some contributing factors that can add to the likelihood for baldness to occur such as a genetic predisposition, age, hormonal changes, and even a lack of blood flowing to the head.

No matter what the reason, baldness can be prevented and allow an individual suffering from it to rebuild some confidence and some hair growth.

Baldness doesn’t necessarily present any real physical problems or concerns, but it most certainly can affect the confidence of the person suffering from it.

Hair loss in any capacity can be worrisome as it is so visual and can force the individual to find ways to cover it up or fix it.

There are some medications that can be prescribed for baldness after seeking medical attention, but for some that’s just not enough.

Some people want to attempt to stop the problem before it really starts and therefore look for natural cures that can get to the root of the problem.

Natural Juices:

Using the fresh juice of lettuce and spinach can make for a powerful natural cure for baldness.

Drinking a cup of lettuce and spinach juices mixed together each day can be a very effective home remedy for baldness.

Using this consistently is the key and ensuring that you are using fresh juice from each vegetable will help with the condition.

Lime Seeds and Black Pepper:

Though it may sound like a rather unusual method, the combination of lime seeds and black pepper is a potent one in keeping baldness away.

Start by grinding lime seeds and fresh black pepper in equal amounts and place them in water.

This mixture is to be placed on the scalp each and every day for the best results, and before you know it you will find out that this home remedy really does work.

Not only will the hair start to grow back, but you will see baldness subsiding altogether.

Alma Oil:

Creating your own alma oil is an excellent home remedy for baldness.

Take some dry pieces of alma and boil them in coconut oil—this creates the highly effective alma oil that can work wonders as a natural cure for baldness.

This oil is to be applied to the scalp and can help to relieve hair loss and prevent baldness as a wonderful home remedy.

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