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Anxiety Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Everybody suffers a little anxiety here and there from time to time. Stress can lead to anxiety and before you know it, you can feel as though your stomach is tied in knots.

It happens to even the calmest person. However sometimes anxiety can get out of control and in some instances even take over your life.

Some people are born with varying levels of anxiety disorder, while others suffer from some form of anxiety due to a life changing event.

Whatever the cause, anxiety can be a terrible condition to live with day in and day out.

Many people seek medical attention for anxiety, only to find out that they will be put on prescription medication to sustain their moods.

While these medications can certainly be helpful on the surface, sometimes they can lead to other side effects or even a dependency whereby the individual can’t operate without these pills.

For some, this is not a realistic predicament to be in and therefore they seek a more natural cure.

There are some very natural and helpful home remedies that one can seek for anxiety and they have gained much popularity in recent years.


Tea is not just soothing for the body, but also for the soul. There is a wide array of teas out there and you can find some more concentrated on relieving anxiety.

It’s important to focus on the ingredients that will truly aid with the anxiety that an individual suffers.

Ingredients such as chamomile, cloves, lavender, and orange blossoms can be calming on the body and the mind.

This natural cure is a favorite amongst those that suffer from anxiety.


The sense of smell can be a very powerful one indeed. When one breathes in certain smells, it can immediately calm the body and quiet the mind, allowing the individual to relax and put their worries out of their mind.

Whether this is accomplished through a scented candle at home or as part of a more advanced relaxation method, aromatherapy can be a very powerful natural cure for anxiety.

Focus on the scents that are known to relax an individual such as lavender, vanilla, and chamomile.

Avoid Caffeine and Sugar:

Anxiety can already make a person jittery enough, so it’s important not to introduce any new stimulants that can add to the symptoms.

It’s important for an individual suffering from anxiety that they limit or eliminate caffeine and refined sugars altogether.

Finding substitutes such as hot or iced tea, fruits, and honey can not only help to act as a natural cure for anxiety, but can also lead to a healthier lifestyle as well.

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