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Alzheimer’s Disease Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on March 8, 2014

Forgetfulness is something that happens to most of us as we age.

However the onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be a long and torturous disease for the individual suffering from it, as well as their loved ones.

It can begin with forgetting a few key facts here and there which is often overlooked. Through time however it becomes rather evident that the individual is suffering from something far worse than minor forgetfulness.

Alzheimer’s can be a terrible thing to suffer from and if you know of somebody afflicted with this, you want to get them help as soon as possible.

Even in the minor and early stages of alzheimer’s disease, the loved ones of somebody suffering from it may seek help. This is the point at which medical attention will be sought and possible solutions will be discussed before it gets to out of hand.

The key is to managing the symptoms in hopes that it won’t get too far or cause the person afflicted with it to suffer too much.

So natural cures for alzheimer’s disease are very popular and there are some great ones out there.

Fish Oil (Omega-3 DHA):

Fish oil, high in the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), might ward off Alzheimer’s disease. DHA is the most abundant essential fatty acid in the brain.

It’s been documented that people who consume high amounts of DHA (fish oil) had the healthiest brains and reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fish oil seems to reduce plaque and harmful beta amyloid proteins by increasing the production of a protein called LR11. LR11′s function in the brain is to prevent the production of toxic proteins.

I absolutely and totally recommend this supplement for anyone experiencing memory problems.

Since my father had Alzheimer’s disease, and basically died from it’s terrible effects, I keep a paranoid eye on my own memory.

When I began taking this supplement my overall memory improved significantly.


Resveratrol comes from red grape skins and is available in red grapes, red wine and in supplements. Recent studies indicate that this nutrient may prevent Alzheimer’s disease by inhibiting or even offsetting the toxic protein linked Alzheimer’s

Ginkgo Biloba:

This powerful supplement is said to help with memory loss.

It is used with many neurological disorders as it helps to prevent any inflammation and acts as an antioxidant, thus protecting the brain from any damage.

The good news too is that this supplement has become quite common and can be taken even before there is a real problem.


Keeping a healthy and nutrient-rich diet is an important step to battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants such as colorful fruits and vegetables such as blueberries and pomegranate are an excellent way to combat memory loss often associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

At the same time, many foods that provide no nutritional value may also contribute to the problem.

It’s imperative to eliminate alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and processed foods full of preservatives to help manage the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is known to enhance the functions of the brain.

As Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder that is triggered from something going haywire in the brain, this vitamin may be of great help in managing or combating any symptoms.

Taking a Vitamin E supplement daily can help in repairing memory function and thus allowing the individual to suffer far less.

This can be accomplished through an actual Vitamin E tablet in conjunction with the consumption of almonds every day.


Preliminary evidence indicates that eating curried foods twice a week could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The key ingredient in curry is a spice turmeric. Turmeric contains curcuminoids, which hosts the most promising compound—bisdemethoxycurcumin. This compound is thought to prevent the spread the of brain plaque proteins that cause Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


Promising studies show that a diet rich in walnuts which contain alpha-lineolic acid may reduce oxidative stress (free radicals). The type of omega-3 fatty acid found in walnuts is high in antioxidants and may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and coronary heart disease.

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