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Added/Modified on July 2, 2014

Many people fear getting older, there’s just some stigma attached to the simple act of aging.

You don’t have to grow older and not feel as good about yourself as you did when you were young.

To feel young, you have to look and feel good. You can grow old gracefully and fight the stigma of aging being a bad thing.

It means taking good care of yourself, working towards a good appearance, and keeping a positive state of mind.

Growing old gracefully means finding the means by which you take care of your inner and outer beauty.

Aging can mean illness, memory loss, and a less than stellar appearance—but it doesn’t have to.

Sure you can go through drastic plastic surgery methods and buy expensive creams and lotions, but it can be much easier than all of that.

By following some very simple home remedies for aging you may just find that you look and feel better than you did when you were years younger.

You will gain confidence, love what you see when you look in the mirror, and ultimately find aging to be a positive thing that you can embrace.

Fish Oil & Castor Oil:

There are two oils that can prove to be essential in your natural cures for aging.

Using fish oil to help with your concentration is essential.

Find a good fish oil supplement that you can take every day to help with your concentration and focus—you’ll be as sharp as you were when you were younger.

Add to that castor oil which can be instrumental in the appearance of your skin.

By rubbing castor oil on your skin regularly it can help to soften it and lessen the appearance of wrinkles, making it an excellent home remedy for aging.

Potatoes & Coconut:

You may not look at either potatoes or coconut and instantly think of them as an aging remedy, but they have some powerful components to them.

You can grate coconut and squeeze out the milk, then apply this mixture to your skin for a glowing effect.

This is a very popular home remedy for aging and is actually at the heart of many aging creams to begin with.

You can also take a raw potato and mix it with lime juice, glycerine, and rose water and create a mixture out of it.

Applying this mixture to your face before you go to bed can do wonders in removing blemishes and eliminating wrinkles, a very fundamental part of any natural cure for aging.


Honey is not only a sweet treat, but it can also act as an excellent home remedy for aging skin.

By applying some sweet bee’s honey around the eyes, it can minimize wrinkles altogether.

This will leave you feeling confident and young again.


Web MD reports on a antioxidant in red wine, called resveratrol, as the latest weapon in the anti-aging arsenal, and it’s inexpensive too.

Antioxidants in red wine play a role health by neutralizing free radicals which are thought to damage the body and cause age-related diseases.

Further studies indicate resveratrol appears to suppress inflammation and may fight aging in humans

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