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Weightloss Tea – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on May 3, 2013

Also known as: Weight loss Tea, Wulong tea, Oolong tea, Green tea, Wu Long tea

What is weightloss tea? Weight-loss tea is used to aid in weight loss and reduction of food cravings by providing a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

The idea behind weight loss resulting from drinking a weightloss tea such as wulong or green tea is the fact of controlled scientific studies.

These studies have proven that people who drink these types of tea lose weight easier.

Wulong, specifically, has proven to help the human body burn fat, increasing loss of bulky fat tissue and preserving muscle tissue during a diet.

Home Remedies using Weight Loss Tea:

Weight loss tea helps the dieter in several different ways.

Drinking a liquid tends to provide a sense of fullness and satisfaction without increasing calories as long as high calorie sweeteners and dairy products are not added.

Other benefits include: ‚ó¶Encourages loss of body fat during a calorie-restricting diet

‚ó¶Contains anti-aging antioxidants believed to fight cancer

Uses of Weightloss Tea:

Weight loss tea is used primarily by dieters seeking to lose excess body weight.

Most often, dieters use tea as a means to allow themselves to consume something satisfying instead of high calorie snacks.

When taken before a meal, the sense of fullness can reduce the desire to eat excessively, making weight loss easier and a diet plan easier to stick with longer.

Weightloss tea, like most other types of tea, is available in tea bags for convenient steeping.

You may also find this type of tea from some sources in bulk to be steeped in a tea holder or tea bell.

The tea is steeped by placing boiling water over the tea or tea bag and waiting for five minutes for the full flavor to develop before sweetening or adding milk.

Side Effects of Weightloss Tea:

If large quantities of weight loss tea are consumed during the day or during the evening, especially just before bedtime, it has the potential to cause sleeplessness in those people with caffeine sensitivity.

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