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Tips For Fair Skin – Healthy Remedies


Most people, especially we Asians have this certain something about fair skin. I think it’s in our blood. No matter how much the fashion gurus talk about the charisma of dusky skin, when it comes to fair skin, we can walk that extra mile, and some more extra miles after that to become a tad bit fairer.

But alas! Only a fortunate few can boast about fair, blemish-free skin. But, don’t get disheartened, even if you cannot look exactly like Snow white, you can lighten your present skin tone and have a better complexion, that too without spending tons of money on skin whitening peels and other chemical skin lightening procedures. A few classic remedies and a few strict rules can make your skin tone lighter and make you look fairer.

Tips to Get Fair Skin

Cocoa Powder

Mix 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon of yoghurt. Add a little honey and mix well. Apply this on your skin. Let it dry and then wash off.

Do this, twice in a week and you’ll notice a marked improvement in your complexion. Besides this, cocoa powder polishes your body and reveals a certain glow.

Lemon Juice And Honey

Lemon is an excellent bleaching agent while honey is a hydrating and nourishing agent. Together they make a fabulous combo. Mix equal parts of lemon and honey and apply it on the skin. Let it dry and then wash off with tepid water. This will not only lighten the skin tone, but at the same time, banish the dryness.

Raw Papaya

It is known that the enzymes present in raw papaya can bleach the skin. In fact raw papaya has been used by women for thousands of years to get a fairer and glowing skin.

Blend some papaya and apply it on your face. Do this every day and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your skin tone.

Fairness Scrub

Instead of using a chemical scrub or cleanser you can prepare your own fairness scrub. Ground some red lentil and mix it with some curd. Apply this all over your body. Let it dry a bit and then slowly scrub off using the finger tips. Wash off with warm water. You can also prepare another fairness scrub by combining chickpea flour, curd or lemon juice. Make the scrub into a paste like consistency and apply it on your face. Let it dry before washing it off.

Oatmeal And Tomato

Oatmeal helps to scrub away the dead cells while the juice of tomato penetrates deep into the skin and makes it fairer.

The antioxidant present in tomato helps the skin to breathe because of which your skin appears lively and glows.

This mixture when applied on your skin gives it an immediate glow. Apply this thrice in a week to get a fairer skin. Mix some aloe vera gel, rosewater, glycerin, honey and some turmeric paste. All these ingredients help to nourish your skin and make you look radiant.


Saffron is a really costly spice, but if you can lay your hands on say a ½ gram pack, that’ll be enough to do wonders for skin tone. Take some fresh cream and add 3-4 strands of pure authentic saffron.

Mix well and apply this on the skin. Let it dry and then use tepid water to warm it off. Remember, if you have oily skin do not go in for this.


Consider your sunscreen as your best friend because it will help you protect your fairness and glow. If you are trying to get a fairer skin and you step out in the sun without a sun block application, you’ll always be back to square one, because your skin will always be tanned!

So, keep that tube handy and apply generous amounts whenever you’re stepping out. However, I would suggest that you try and stay away from the sun as much a possible. In case you have an outside kind of job make sure your sunscreen has high SPF.

Extend The Sleeves

Long sleeves, pants and covered shoes will help you keep your skin fair. Even if you live in a place with high temperature wear a cotton shirt or top with long sleeves. If you’re driving a two-wheeler, long sleeves are a must else you’ll lose your newly found glow and fairness very easily.


Vitamins are really essential in your diet, especially if you want to have a blemish free, fair skin tone.

Vitamins act as co-enzymes in the body and eliminate free radicals from our skin surface. Vitamins restore health to your skin and healthy skin looks good too! You must eat fresh vegetables and fruits. You may also take in multi-vitamin supplementations.

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