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Natural Cure For Tonsillitis – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on January 13, 2017

There are lymph nodes in the back of your mouth and at the top of the throat. These are called tonsils. These tissues are parts of the infection-fighting system of the body and filter out germs as well as bacteria that come from nose or mouth to prevent the body from infection.

However, if viruses or bacteria contaminate tonsils, these results in swelling and inflammation of tonsils giving rise to tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is a very common in children and may lead to throat pain, redness of tonsils, white or yellow coating on the tonsils, appetite loss, headache, and loss of voice, ear pain and fever. Tonsillitis is very common disease, especially in children. However, it can be easily treated the natural way. Here are few effective natural remedies for treating tonsillitis:


Lime is very effective remedy for the treatment of tonsillitis. Take a fresh lime and squeeze it in a glass of warm water. You can add four teaspoons of honey and then ¼ teaspoon of regular salt. Sip this mixture slowly. It will help to lower down inflammation and discomfort.


Milk can help to release pain and provides relief in tonsillitis. Take a glass of boiled milk. Mix a dash of pepper powder and turmeric powder in it. Consume this in the night regularly for three nights in a row. This will help reduce swelling and pain due to tonsillitis.

Chamomile Tea

Intake of Chamomile tea regularly along with lemon and honey helps provide relief from tonsillitis.


Figs can provide a soothing effect, thus reduces irritation and swelling. Boil figs and prepare a paste from them and boiled water. Apply this paste over the throat area. This will result in cooling and reduction of pain.


Alum is an effective natural resource to reduce inflammation. Use purified alum for regular gargling. Alum in the powdered form can also be applied to tonsils, which reduce inflammation.

Banafsha Flowers

Banafsha flowers are known for their beneficial treatment of tonsillitis. Take about 12 grams of Banafsha flowers and boil them in 50 ml milk.

Filter this milk after boiling and consume it while hot. This is an effective remedy to reduce inflammation and swelling and helps get rid of the voice problem.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds can be used for gargling in case of severe tonsillitis. Take 2 tablespoons quantity of fenugreek seeds and mix them in 1 liter of water. Simmer it for ½ hour. Let it cool. Use this solution for gargling on the same day. This is a soothing gargle, which provides beneficial results in bad tonsillitis.


Garlic naturally possesses antibiotic properties and therefore, can help a lot to heal tonsillitis. Consume 2-3 cloves of garlic on a regular basis. It will provide relief in inflammation and swelling and will speed up the process of curing tonsillitis.


Oregano is a natural herb which possesses stimulant and antiseptic properties. Intake of even just a dash of oregano regularly can help in treatment of tonsillitis. It will help to heal the tonsils and will reduce irritation.

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