Kombucha Tea – Healthy Remedies

Tea name: Kombucha Tea.

Also known as: Kombucha tea is often known by as many as 70 other names.

Some of the more commonly used alternate names for kombucha tea include: ◦Miracle tea ◦Miracle cure tea ◦Kombucha mushroom tea ◦Kombucha culture tea ◦Teekvas ◦Kombuckavass ◦Cainii kvass ◦Kvas ◦Champignon miracle ◦Combucha ◦Brinum-Ssene ◦Fungo-japon Kombucha ◦Manchurian Mushroom ◦Tea Fungus ◦Tea Sponge ◦Tea Wine

◦Kargasok Tea

What is kombucha tea? Kombucha tea is a fermented tea based beverage created from tea leaves and the kombucha mushroom.

Sometimes it is made from the active kombucha culture which contains healthy bacteria, fungi, and micro-organisms.

Home Remedies using Kombucha Tea:

Kombucha tea is called the ‘cure all’ tea because it is said to provide such a wide range of health benefits.

These include: ◦Improved immune system response ◦Feeling of improved health and vitality ◦More energy ◦Reduction of cravings to aid in weight loss

◦Reduction of cancer risk

Uses of Kombucha Tea:

Kobucha tea is primarily used by those who seek overall better health and an improved immunity response.

By naturally improving the body’s immune response, many diseases can be resisted, even during the seasons when diseases such as the common cold are so prevalent.

While it is said to have some helpful attributes for weight loss, the primary function is improved health and vitality.

The list of active substances in this tea is quite impressive: ◦Lactic acid ◦Acetic acid ◦Malic acid ◦Oxalic acid ◦Gluconic acid ◦Butyric acid ◦Nucleic acids ◦Amino acids ◦Enzymes

◦Vitamins B and C

Kombucha tea is made using regular sweetened tea and the kombucha mushroom or culture by purchasing and using a kit to extract the beneficial substances from the culture as well as the tea leaves.

The brewing process usually takes 7 to 10 days.

Another way to make kombucha tea is to obtain a “baby” culture or “scoby” from a friend who has started brewing their own tea.

Use food grade glass containers to brew your kombucha tea.

Do not brew kombucha tea in lead crystal, ceramic or painted containers.

Side Effects of Kombucha Tea:

Because potential health risks of kombucha tea are not known, see your physician first if you have immune deficiencies or other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant and breastfeeding.

If the enamel on your teeth has been worn down; because of kombucha teas acidic content, make sure you brush or rinse your teeth with fluoride.