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Diet Tea – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on April 5, 2014

Tea name: Diet Tea.

Diet tea is not really a form of tea, but an attribute that certain teas are said to possess.

There are several blends of diet tea, each known by its own nomenclature: ◦Green diet tea ◦Wulong tea ◦Stimulate tea

◦Diuretic tea

What is Diet Tea? Diet tea is usually Wulong tea, which is said to help the body metabolize fat.

In some cases, it is black tea, which has the highest caffeine component, allowing the tea drinker to feel the stimulate effect and, supposedly have more energy to exercise and eat less.

Benefits and Uses of Diet Tea:

The health benefits of diet tea are based solely on the type of tea or teas contained in the diet tea blend.

If the diet tea is just another name for Wulong tea, then the main health benefits are: ◦Weight loss and improved metabolize of fat

◦Some anti-oxidants which fight cancer and aging

If the tea in the diet tea blend is green tea, the you’ll have other health benefits associated with green tea such as: ◦Anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-oxidants ◦Some potential for weight loss

◦Better general health and wellness

If the tea in the diet tea blend is black tea, you’ll experience other benefits such as: ◦Increased energy due to the high caffeine content

◦Anti-aging and cancer fighting antioxidants

Read the diet tea label to determine exactly what benefits you might enjoy by looking up each different type of tea listed in the ingredients list.

Uses of Diet Tea:

Diet tea is used for losing weight. It increases energy and helps the body metabolize fat.

Diet tea is generally purchased in tea bags for easy steeping.

In some cases, you may find diet tea available at larger health food stores or online in bulk form.

If you buy bulk tea, you will need a metal tea ball or a square of cheesecloth in which to place the tea during the brewing process.

Side Effects of Diet Tea:

Diet tea, if the diuretic blend, will increase the number of times urination is needed.

It should not be used by people with kidney disorders.

The stimulant version of diet tea may cause sleeplessness if large quantities are taken due to the caffeine.

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