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Coronary Heart Disease – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on November 13, 2013

Just hearing the term “heart attack” can send shock and concern through many people immediately. There are many factors that may contribute to heart attacks and it’s important to do your part to prevent these in your life.

Though there are many different factors indeed, coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes for these scary and often life changing problems.

If your arteries aren’t working properly in taking blood to and away from the heart, then you have a massive breakdown. This often results in heart problems, namely coronary heart disease as a common leader.

It’s important to know if you have a family history of this scary disease of if you are a high risk for it due to your lifestyle or other factors.

It’s extremely important to involve a doctor in your diagnosis and overall treatment.

If you work with a doctor then you can figure out the best ways to get your arteries back into proper health and working order. This can be accomplished, and oftentimes medication is combined with a change in lifestyle.

It can be quite helpful to know that there are some home remedies for coronary heart disease. These may work alone if you are working towards prevention or may work well with your prescribed medication and treatment plan.

Therefore knowing what these natural methods are and working to institute them can bring much relief.

Essential Fatty Acids:

You hear about these all the time in the news these days, but you may not realize just how important these are.

Turning to fatty acids as a home remedy for coronary heart disease can work wonders. These are chock full of antioxidants and “good fats” that contribute to and allow good heart health.

Though you can get essential fatty acids through food such as salmon and walnuts, it may be wise to turn to a supplement to ensure proper levels on a daily basis.

Vitamin E Supplement:

Though every vitamin has its purpose, Vitamin E can help to protect every cell in the body.

This should be used as a natural cure for coronary heart disease as it promotes good health throughout the body and focuses in on the very important area of the heart that may require help.

Taking a Vitamin E supplement each day is the most effective way to get proper levels.

Fiber Supplement:

You know that fiber is an important staple in your regular diet, but would you believe that it can work as a home remedy for coronary heart disease?

Fiber helps to clean out your system and moves along the very plaque and sticky substances that may clog arteries in and around the heart.

Eating foods high in fiber is part of the equation and can be used in conjunction with a daily fiber supplement for the most effective application.

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