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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on December 25, 2014

Many illnesses start with some level of fatigue. We all feel tired from time to time, but when that turns into exhaustion and an inability to focus or get any work done, we quickly realize that something is wrong.

There’s much research being done on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) but the root cause is still not confirmed.

It is believed that perhaps the onset of a viral infection or even just chronic stress can trigger CFS, but nobody knows for certain. Whatever the cause, this condition can leave somebody feeling an almost painful exhaustion, in addition to suffering from other symptoms such as joint pain and a terrible memory.

As the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is still under investigation, so too are the proper cures.

An individual that is suffering from CFS may seek medical attention but they may just find that a natural cure works better for them. There are some very simple measures that one can do in the comfort of their own home to control the symptoms and even act as a home remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome.

There may be nothing to get rid of the condition altogether at this point, but these measures can help a bit and lessen the impact on the individual.


Naturopath’s generally recommend that a low carb diet, supplementation with Vitamin D, Omega 3, and otherwise reducing your liver’s toxin load will improve CFS symptoms.

Memory Aids:

As short or even long term memory loss is often a symptom associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, finding effective memory aids can be of great help.

Using pictures or flash cards when necessary to help an individual regain some lost memory can work wonders.

This is a noninvasive and very natural cure to help an individual cope with any memory loss that they may suffer through this disease and therefore lessen the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome.


It may sound rather obvious that the best natural cure for chronic fatigue syndrome is to get rest, but it will work in an amazing manner.

If an individual is suffering from any form of CFS, the best thing that they can do is to plan downtime for themselves in the form of naps or relaxation.

Ensuring that an individual with chronic fatigue syndrome gets enough sleep at night can also be of great help in acting as a home remedy or this disorder.

Plan your Activity Levels:

It can be quite helpful for an individual to test how CFS is affecting them in a given day by taking a quick walk first thing in the morning.

Seeing how their body reacts to any sort of activity is an excellent natural cure for dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome.

While exercise is recommended to help patients with this disorder, it’s really important to go by how your body feels and use that as a dictator and a home remedy for the symptoms that one can suffer from CFS.

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