Charlie Horse Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies

It never fails—you’ll be fast asleep when all of a sudden you feel that familiar and almost unbearable pain.

It’s almost a given that when you get a Charlie horse it’s in the still of the night and it sure comes on with a bang. This throbbing pain comes out of the blue and really hits you like a ton of bricks.

You can feel the muscles of the leg tense up and the pain can be excruciating. So getting rid of a charlie horse, particularly if it’s in the middle of the night, is probably a priority for you.

It can also be helpful to figure out what is causing this painful condition so that you don’t have to deal with it again if possible.

A charlie horse is a very common condition and therefore doesn’t usually require that one seek medical attention.

There are conditions such as pregnancy that can contribute to the likelihood of these painful irritations occurring, but at some point in your life you will probably be hit by at least one.

Determining the best methods by which to get rid of a charlie horse and to work towards preventing them from ever occurring again can be quite beneficial.

Fortunately there are some excellent natural cures for the very common charlie horse.

Vitamin E:

For those that frequently suffer from the charlie horse at night, there may be a deficiency.

Many believe that taking proper levels of Vitamin E can help to get rid of the charlie horse altogether.

This home remedy is rather simple as just taking a daily supplement of Vitamin E can help to build up proper levels within the body.

As a charlie horse that occurs frequently is also believed to be associated with circulatory problems, Vitamin E can be of great help with that as well.


If you are stuck with a charlie horse in the middle of the night or even during physical activity it can be hard to calm down and try to ignore the pain.

However proper stretching may be one of the best home remedies for a charlie horse.

Standing on the unaffected leg and slowly pulling the ankle up towards the back and stretching out the leg can help to alleviate the pain and ultimately get rid of the charlie horse.


Another deficiency that is believed to be associated with the charlie horse is magnesium.

If you are having a lot of pain or the recurrence of the charlie horse, bumping up your magnesium consumption can be of great assistance.

This natural cure will help to prevent the charlie horse from coming back at all.