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Anorexia Home Remedy – Healthy Remedies


Added/Modified on December 18, 2016

Anorexia is a terrible disease that usually needs to be taken much more seriously. The problem lies not just within the eating habits or lack thereof in the individual suffering from it, but also in what it can do to the body.

Malnutrition at such a level as anorexia can cause lifelong consequences and so getting help is imperative.

Not only can anorexia cause real problems at the time such as liver and kidney failure, but it can cause problems later on in life such as fertility issues even if the individual gets help.

It is wise to seek medical attention for anorexia as the person suffering often needs some therapy of some sort.

There is usually a root cause (mentally) which makes the individual feel as though they are fat and as if they have to starve themselves with no other options in sight.

This disease can quickly spiral out of control and therefore treatment is imperative.

There are some home remedies that can provide a natural cure for the symptoms of anorexia and therefore help them to cope with their mental state and what this does for their inability to eat.


Citrus can do wonders for increasing the appetite which is a major key to success in battling anorexia.

The individual has to feel hungry and allow themselves to give into that feeling, and citrus can help to provide the foundation for that.

Eating 2-3 fresh oranges a day can help build up the appetite and thus allow a natural cure for somebody suffering from anorexia.

Lime Juice and Ginger:

Likewise mixing the fresh juice of lime with fresh ginger can make a powerful mixture for increasing the appetite.

This home remedy must be mixed with rock salt and kept in direct sunlight for three days.

Once ready, this potent mixture can help to increase appetite and even assist with proper digestion.

Spicy Foods:

Anything that has a little zest or spice to it can do wonders for boosting the appetite in an individual suffering from anorexia.

This natural cure is an excellent and healthy way to increase the appetite and get the individual to eat more at meals.

Even adding a dash of black pepper and rock salt to a meal can be helpful.

No matter what the spice level, adding garlic to any food can be one of the best natural cures for anorexia.

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