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Vitamin E For Acne Scars

Added/Modified on April 4, 2016

Acne is something that most people find difficult to get rid off.If that wasn’t enough nuisance, these stubborn acne leave behind marks that make life really difficult. Not only does it completely annihilate your self esteem, these ugly marks, if not taken care of, may even become permanent!

Vitamin E is very essential for the body and is an excellent anti oxidant. Theoretically it is believed that with all its wonderful properties of healing,Vitamin E can eliminate scars, but that is not the case at all. A study conducted in Miami showed that 30% of people who applied Vitamin E topically, did not benefit from it and many of them ended up with worsened acne.

However, some people have reported that Vitamin E is excellent for removing scars. The researchers thereby concluded that Vitamin E when applied topically can help lighten mild scars, however, severe scars cannot benefit from it at all.

If you have mild scars and have decided to turn to Vitamin E for help, let me tell you, you will not be let down. Mild scars have their own time span and tend to go away on their own,but you can accelerate the process by using this vitamin. It promotes skin repair and healing and helps fade away the scars.

When used regularly, your skin will appear much more refreshed and younger due to adequate nourishment and generation of new epithelial skin cells.

How It Works

There are two ways of using vitamin E.You can apply it externally or take it along with food.When applied externally Vitamin E helps soften the skin. The acne leaves your face dry and damaged and Vitamin E helps by softening skin and loosening it up, so that new skin cells are formed. The appearance of these new skin cells is what we call “healing”. With time you’ll notice that the intensity of the marks has been alleviated.

You can take Vitamin E along with your daily food or as a nutritional supplement.Actually, Vitamin A is known to provide good skin, but it cannot work without Vitamin E. You adipose tissue absorbs the Vitamin E which in turn stimulates Vitamin A (Retinol) to start its healing process. It has also been shown that lack of intake of Vitamin E leaves your skin dry and causes acne breakouts.

How To Apply Externally

For external application you need to buy a vitamin E oil or capsule. Wash your face with a mild face wash and pat dry. Puncture the capsule with a needle or a pin to extract oil and as the oil is oozing out apply directly to the scars.In case you have Vitamin E oil in a vial, you can use your fingertips to apply the oil. After application, remove excess oil with the help of cotton or a soft cloth.This is necessary because excess oil may block pores and cause acne problem again. This should be done on a daily basis.

Taking It Internally

There are plenty of foods that have high Vitamin E content. Fishes, spinach, almonds, pumpkin seeds,hazel nut, pine nut, avocado, parsley, olive are only a few in the list.Ensure you take in a healthy dose of vitamin E in your diet.

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