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Natural Cures For Frozen Shoulder

Added/Modified on November 28, 2016

The problem of frozen shoulder is medically known as “Adhesive Capsulitis”. It is a disorder in which the shoulder capsule becomes inflamed and stiff. An individual may experience chronic pain and may find it difficult to move the arm properly. Factors such as shoulder injury and surgery, diabetes, cervical disk disease of the neck and so on may increase the risk of developing this disorder.

Different types of natural cures are available to obtain relief from the problem of frozen shoulder.

Willow Bark

Willow bark can be used in the treatment of pain caused by frozen shoulder as it has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains salicin which can provide relief from different types of painful conditions.


It is important to stretch the shoulder for a period of 60 to 90 seconds multiple times on a daily basis to reduce the stiffness. Regular stretching can help in restoring the normal range of motion. This natural remedy should be used only after discussing your health condition with a physical therapist.

Mobilization Exercises

You can practice mobilization exercises such as arm swings and wall walks at home or in a physical therapy clinic to decrease the stiffness and pain associated with the disorder.


Ginger can be used to deal with muscle related issues. You can apply ginger paste on the affected shoulder. You should massage the paste gently in circular motions to ensure quick absorption by the skin. Another option is to take ginger supplements till the time the disorder is completely treated.


You can use turmeric as an anti-inflammatory agent. You can massage a paste created with the use of a piece of turmeric on the affected area. This paste can help in bringing down the inflammation and reducing the pain caused by the problem of frozen shoulder. You can also take supplements containing turmeric extract to obtain relief from various symptoms.

Heat Pack

Heat pack can be used as an effective natural cure. You can prepare and apply a hot compress on the shoulder for a period of 15 to 20 minutes to reduce the stiffness in the joints and muscles. You should use this remedy 3 to 6 times in a day.

Mustard Oil

You can boil mustard oil in a pan. Thereafter, you need to crush some garlic cloves and put them in the pan containing mustard oil till the time they turn dark brown. You can massage this mixture on the shoulder after allowing it to cool down a little bit. Frequent application of mustard oil will help in curing the pain within a short span of time.


You should eat warm and fresh meals. Intake of soups made with the use of pulses, lentils or meat containing long pepper, ginger powder and black pepper can provide highly effective results. You should avoid consumption of spicy, fried and oily foods. You can include ghee and oils (in moderate amount) in the preparation of different food items to provide lubrication to the shoulders.

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