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Natural Cures for Alcohol Detox

Added/Modified on November 9, 2016

There are a variety of reasons that an individual may wish to perform an alcohol detox.

It could be as simple as trying to purge the body of an overabundance of alcohol to feel better and lead a healthier lifestyle.

It could be that an individual is trying to quit drinking alcohol altogether for health reasons and they wish to purge their body of any alcohol within it.

Whatever the reason, an alcohol detox is quite common and the results can be quite powerful.

There are a variety of pre-made solutions out on the market that one can find for an alcohol detox.

Alternatively one could seek medical attention for an alcohol detox if there is truly a problem.

There are; however, some standard practices that are used in a rehabilitation centers and these can be done simply and effectively at home.

In trying to find a natural cure for an alcohol detox, there are some very powerful home remedies that can be performed with ease.

Dietary Changes:

The first thing one must look at when it comes to alcohol detox is their diet.

It’s essential that an individual purge any junk foods and focus on nutrient rich foods.

Eliminating any junk foods, particularly those that have refined sugars or simple carbohydrates, is a first and very important step in an alcohol detox to get effective results.

As you are also trying to rid the body of all toxins, you want to stay away from caffeine as well as this can add to any chemical build up.

You want to focus on fresh natural foods as you work through an alcohol detox, as these will supply your body with the essential nutrients it needs in the most natural cure possible.

Vitamin B:

One of the most important natural cures in an alcohol detox is Vitamin B.

When an individual consumes alcohol, the very first nutrient that it comes up short with is Vitamin B.

Replacing this vitamin in the system can be a great natural cure and restore what the body needs.

It’s also important to replace Vitamin C and magnesium which can be lost in the consumption of alcohol.

Using this home remedy of vitamin replacement can not only help in an alcohol detox, but can also help the body to restore proper nutrients that could have been lost over time.

Milk Thistle & Kudzu:

Milk thistle extract is one of the most common natural supplements used in an alcohol detox.

This is due to the fact that this supplement can reduce the effects that alcohol has had on the liver.

Not only can this supplement act as a natural cure for blocking the absorption of alcohol into the liver, but it can also remove these toxins altogether.

The herbal supplement, Kudzu, is becoming quite popular as well in turning around the desire to drink alcohol altogether, thus making it a very effective natural cure.

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