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Natural Cure For Restless Leg Syndrome

Added/Modified on January 8, 2017

Restless leg syndrome is a neurological anomaly. It is clinically known as Ellis-Ekbom disease. Restless leg syndrome or simply RLS, is characterized by odd and irritating sensation in the legs that calls for constant movement. But, movement can provide only a temporary escape and once the movement is halted, the odd feeling creeps in again.

Some people inflicted by this problem say that they’ve had to spend sleepless nights because of this constant, almost indescribable sensation in the legs. No drug has been discovered yet to actually tackle the problem but the symptoms may be controlled with some pharmacological help. A natural approach has helped many people suffering from this syndrome and if you’re looking for some RLS rescue assistance, I suggest you too try some natural ways to cure it.

Changing Your Diet Helps

Changing your diet by taking in some foods more than the others and cutting down on some can help you cure RLS.

Iron-Enriched Foods

The very first on my list is iron enriched foods. According to the National Institute of Health low body iron leads to neurological disorders such as RLS. You should increase the intake of meat, fish, poultry and green vegetables like spinach, kale, green peas and asparagus.

Magnesium Enriched Foods

Studies conducted in the University of Maryland Medical Center suggest that RLS patients show a Magnesium deficiency in their body. Studies have also stated that this mineral nutrient can help alleviate symptoms of RLS. Make magnesium rich foods such as unrefined wholewheat products, spinach and nuts a part of your daily diet.

Vitamin B9 Foods

This vitamin helps in the production of new blood cells and its deficiency causes RLS. Doctors point out that a daily consumption of about 10gm of folate (Vitamin b9) can eliminate the symptoms of the disorder. Fortified cereals, spinach, beans, broccoli etc. are rich in folate.

What To Avoid

Certain foods are best avoided as they may enhance the symptoms of this syndrome. Alcohol, sugar or refined flour products should not be consumed if you’re suffering from RLS.

Lose The Extra Flab

The legs bear the brunt of a heavy body. In a number of cases this leads to development of strains and tensions in the leg muscles which culminates into RLS. If you are over-weight or you’re carrying some extra weight, try and get rid of that extra flab.

Herbs May Help Too

Herbs are a simple way of tackling the problem. Though herbs do not work fast (they may take several weeks to show result), they work positively. Butcher’s broom, a evergreen herb, contains a chemical called ruscogenin.

This compound increase blood circulation and stabilizes blood vessels thereby preventing RLS attacks. Other herbs that can help you cure the problem are Horse chestnut, Skullcap, Astralagus, Cayenne and Chamomile.

Exercises Can Control Symptoms

Practicing simple body stretches or exercises can check the symptoms. You should devote some time daily to some form of exercise like aerobic training, dancing, resistance exercises, swimming or walking.

Release The Tension Through Meditation

If you’re afflicted by this syndrome you should stay away from stress. Stress magnifies the symptoms of RLS. If you tensed or worried try engaging in some form of meditation. Sit in a calm place where no one disturbs you, close your eyes and breathe. Breathe out all your tension and try to relax your mind. You may use aroma lamps or candles for better meditation.

A Hot Bath

Soaking your body in tepid or warm water can help prevent RLS symptoms. The temperature of the water should be around 95F. At least 2 hours before bedtime, soak your body in a tub for about 15 minutes and not more. This washes away stress from the body and relaxes the muscular and the nervous system.

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