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Effective Natural Cures For Dry Scalp

Added/Modified on July 20, 2016

Nature has in store the best ever cure for dry scalp condition. The condition is caused when the sebum produced by the glands fail to quantify. The severity of the condition may vary from a bad hair day to an even worse recurring dandruff problem. Dryness in scalp could be caused by a number of reasons including dehydration, a change in weather, unbalanced diet and sometimes even a hot shower. The cure lies in following natural remedies that are easily available in our households.

Ways to get rid of Dry Scalp

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used in most of the dermatological and cosmetic treatments. Aloe Vera gel constitutes of components which reduce the irritation in scalp whilst leaving the skin moisturized.

Application of the gel by a brush or using finger tips on the affected areas will immediately give a soothing relief and a conditioning effect to both the scalp and hair.


Curd and yogurt when applied externally or consumed will cool down the body heat. When applied to scalp, curd works as a conditioner and also gives a cooling effect to the scalp reducing the inflammation caused by dryness.

Olive oil

Oil massages when done properly cure most of the hair problems. Warm a small quantity of oil and gently massage the scalp with finger tips. Cotton wool can be used for this purpose.

Use a towel soaked in hot water to wrap the oiled hair at least for 45 minutes. This ensures the absorption of oil into the scalp. Rinse off with a mild shampoo. Continuous application will definitely hydrate the scalp.

Tea Leaves

The anti-oxidants in the tea leaves ensure proper blood circulation which reduces the dryness in the scalp. Boil tea leaves in water and this water when used for hair wash gives good results.

Egg white

Egg white acts as a great conditioning agent. When applied to the scalp/hair and gently massaged, gives instant relief from the dryness. It also adds a shine to the hair which promises a smile.

Lemon juice

The anti-bacterial qualities in lemon juice ensure prevention of infection or inflammation of the scalp. Squeezing some juice off a lemon and gently massaging it to the scalp helps reduce the dry flakes.


Adding a tablespoon of plain white vinegar to a litre of water and using it as a last rinse helps reduce the dryness in the scalp. It also ensures the deformation of any bacterial or fungal layer on the scalp.

Milk and Honey

Mixing honey and milk in the ratio of one is to two and applying on the scalp and hair helps deep conditioning. It soothes the dry tissues and makes the skin supple.

Balanced Diet and Plenty of water

To avoid the recurrence of the dryness, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet along with the treatments mentioned. Including fibrous fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water ensures a healthy body sans dryness.

Strawberries, tomatoes , broccoli, dried oregano, almonds when consumed regularly in right amounts help curing the dry scalp problem and also avoid the possibility of recurrence. A healthy diet which includes green vegetables and fruits followed by plenty of water does the magic in keeping the skin supple and happy.

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