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Depression home remedy

Added/Modified on September 12, 2016

Depression used to be a condition that wasn’t talked about and was ten misunderstood.

Though in recent years, depression has become quite common and is a typical topic of conversation. There are varying levels and causes for depression but the symptoms and side effects of it are a lot to deal with no matter how severe the individual case is.

People can suffer from depression from life events or hormonal imbalances such as giving birth, or they may deal with the condition their whole life.

Depression can come and go or may plague somebody until they require medical attention.

If depression seems to be a chronic condition for which there is no end in sight, then it is highly recommended that an individual seek medical attention.

There are a number of medications out on the market that can help to lessen the effects of depression, though it is worth noting that many of them can have side effects associated with them.

However for some, these medications are the only true help. It can be helpful to know that there are some natural cures that can really offer help to those who suffer with depression.

This is particularly helpful if an individual has a temporary bout with depression and is looking for a simple and natural home remedy to help.

Natural Cures for Depression:

Fish Oil/Omega 3:

A recent study reports that omega 3 (found in fish and flax seed oil) can help treat depression symptoms.

The improvements found were similar improvements found in antidepressants studies, which suggests that fish or flax oil containing omega-3 may be a natural depression treatment.

Apple, Milk, and Honey:

Eat an apple with a cup of milk and honey.

This combination does wonders for lifting the spirits and can be quit helpful in dealing with or helping to get rid of symptoms associated with depression.

Licorice Tea:

Licorice tea is a delicious drink for treating depression and its’ associated side effects.

It’s important to drink no more than three cups of licorice tea, but this can be calming and effective.

It’s not to say that drinking this will get rid of depression altogether, but it can be helpful.

Fresh Rose Petals:

Just the smell of a rose can lift the spirits of some people, but using them in a mixture can be of great help for depression.

Take fresh rose petals and add to boiling water, let cool a bit then add sugar.

You will find this to be helpful with depression and its’ associated symptoms.

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