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children’s cough syrup that you can make at home

Added/Modified on October 4, 2016

Children’s cough syrups are easy to make and much safer and more effective than over-the-counter cough and cold remedies.

Were you aware that cough remedies for children were just removed from store shelves recently?

Coughs in children are quite common, however a cough that lingers for days or weeks, or becomes severe, should be investigated by your child’s health care provider to rule out other illnesses.

A simple honey lemon cough syrup can easily be made at home and provides safe effective relief of cough in kids.

There was a study recently published in the journal Paediatrics, showing honey to be more effective than placebo in controlling night-time cough in children with upper respiratory infections.

Honey has been used intuitively for hundreds of years as a natural antibiotic by many different cultures. Honey not only possesses significant antibacterial activity, it has also been shown to actively promote healing by directly stimulating human cells that are important in the immune response to help disease and wound healing.

Note: It is best not to use honey for children under two years of age – there is a microorganism in honey, which is otherwise harmless for children age two and older, that can sometimes make infants ill because of their young digestive system. Alternatives include brown rice syrup, barley, and organic fruit syrups; use as substitutions in the recipes in the same amount as honey.


1.Put about 500mls of honey in a pan on the stove on low heat. (Do not boil honey as this changes its medicinal properties.)

2.Take a whole lemon and boil in some water in a separate pan for 2-3 minutes to both soften the lemon and kill any bacteria that may be on the lemon skin.

3.Let the lemon cool enough to handle then cut it in slices and add it to the honey on the stove. Let mixture cook on warm heat for about an hour.
Strain the lemon from the honey making sure all lemon seeds are removed. Let cool, then bottle in a jar with a lid and store in the refrigerator.

This syrup will keep for 2 months if refrigerated. To soothe a cough, take ½ teaspoon for a child around 11kg and 1 teaspoon for a 22kg+ child, about 4 times a day or as often as needed.

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