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Bug Bites Home Remedy

Added/Modified on October 16, 2016

Along with the highly desirable warm weather comes the less than loved bug bites.

It seems that bug bites are just a natural part of the warmer temperatures, but depending on the bite itself it can really sting or itch.

We’ve all suffered a bug bite at one time or another and they can be downright annoying and in some cases even painful. Pesky mosquitoes can leave us scratching for days and a bite from a fire ant or even a bee can leave us in pain and looking for some help.

Most people won’t seek medical attention for something as simple and common as a bug bite, that is unless of course there is an allergic reaction. For the rest of us though we just want to seek treatment and relief quickly.

There are some excellent home remedies that can take the sting or the itch out of your bug bite and they are not only easy but highly effective too. Sure you can go get some cream or spray from the store, but there are some rather simple ingredients in your very own home that can work wonders as a natural cure for bug bites.

So if you are looking to get help quickly and trying to figure out how to get rid of bug bites, look no further than your very own house.

Meat Tenderizer:

We’ve all used meat tenderizer to help make a juicy steak even tastier, but the use of it doesn’t stop there.

If you are looking for an effective home remedy for bug bites, then meat tenderizer can be an excellent one.

Simply make a paste out of meat tenderizer and water and apply it to the site of the bug bite.

This will take the sting and the itch out of the bite and help to act as a natural cure for the healing of the bug bite itself.

Salt and Water:

We use salt and water in so many things in our kitchen that we don’t even realize it, and the uses just continue.

Making a paste by simply mixing table salt and water makes an excellent home remedy for bug bites.

Place the paste on the bug bite and after leaving it on for 20 minutes, you will soon see that this is a simple and very helpful natural cure.


Using thiamine as a supplement in your diet is not only helpful for nutritional needs, but can be good for the prevention of bug bites.

If you feel that you are always the one getting bit by bugs, try adding thiamine to your diet.

By taking this supplement, the scent that you are giving off is not desirable to insects and therefore acts as a natural repellant.

So if you want to do your part to find a natural cure for bug bites and even prevent them from happening, add thiamine to your diet for the best results.

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