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Bruising Home Remedy

Added/Modified on December 24, 2016

It just so happens that some people are more apt to bruising than others.

Some people barely have to brush against something before they find that a bruise has appeared, while others never seem to bruise no matter how severe the bump or injury.

A bruise is an injury to the tissue found under the skin and we’ve all had one at one time or another.

However when bruising becomes a problem or seems to happen quite often, people usually want to get to the core of the issue and ensure that they get a handle on it, as continuous or chronic bruising can be an indication of something more serious, it may not be a bad idea to seek medical attention if you suffer from bruising often.

No matter how frequently or severely you may suffer from bruising, it is likely that you want to find a cure and find it fast.

Most people likely won’t seek medical attention when it comes to bruising so then the next step is to ensure that you find a natural cure that can help quickly.

The good news is that when it comes to bruising there are some excellent and very helpful home remedies that can be put together and applied quickly.


When it comes to bruising, one of your best friends when it comes to a natural cure is vinegar.

Using either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar can work wonders as a home remedy for bruising.

If you want to get rid of bruising altogether then soak a cotton ball in vinegar and then keep it next to the site of the bruising for about an hour.

You will see that the bruising will go away almost instantaneously, making you feel so much better.

Vitamin C:

A deficiency in Vitamin C could be the root cause of your bruising in the first place. If that’s the case and you feel as if you are suffering from bruising far too frequently, then it’s high time to look into this natural cure.

Taking Vitamin C supplements and eating foods that are rich in this vitamin source such as citrus fruits can be one of the best home remedies possible for bruising.

By taking a Vitamin C supplement, you will help to build up stronger and thicker blood vessels over time that are much less susceptible to ruptures, so it’s an excellent natural cure.

Raw Onion:

Placing a piece of raw onion on the site of the bruising can be a very helpful home remedy and allow the skin to heal much faster, thus helping you to get rid of the bruising quickly and easily.

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